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bin32-maemo-flasher 3.5-2
The Maemo Flasher-3.5 tool is used to flash data to the Maemo device.

Category: utils

Submitter: yoalieh
Maintainer: yoalieh
Votes: 0

License: GPL

Last Updated: 2013/03/02 - 03:02:08 +0000
First Submitted: 2013/02/23 - 04:01:17 +0000

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Comment by: yoalieh on Sat, 02 Mar 2013 02:23:45 +0000

yes, indeed, I made this new package because it's only 32 bit, and has different (32 bits) dependences in 64bits. I'll gladly make a revision for the replace, conflicts, provides. 

Comment by: gcala on Thu, 28 Feb 2013 22:50:57 +0000

Perhaps I understand your operation: original package has:


so it can't be installed in current 64bit only Chakra. So, if you agree, i'll leave your package and remove mine. In this case you should add 'replace=(maemo-flasher)', 'conflicts=...', 'provides=...' lines.

Comment by: gcala on Thu, 28 Feb 2013 20:59:58 +0000

Sorry, but I have to remove this package since duplicate, with different name, of the following