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k9copy 3.0.3-2
A small utility to copy DVD

Category: multimedia

Submitter: AlmAck
Maintainer: chelqo
Votes: 3

License: GPL

Last Updated: 2015/12/05 - 18:45:11 +0000
First Submitted: 2013/02/24 - 21:41:59 +0000

Tarball :: PKGBUILD

Dependenciesdvd+rw-tools dvdauthor kdebase-runtime libdvdnav libmpeg2 qt5-base xine-lib 


Comment by: chelqo on Sat, 05 Dec 2015 18:45:53 +0000

Sorry for the delay, but I have not finished resolving the difficulties of switching to plasma.

Comment by: FranzMari on Thu, 19 Nov 2015 21:15:02 +0000

Hi, could you please change -DQT5_BUILD=OFF to make it build Qt5/KF5 version?