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crossover 15.1.0-1
Run Windows Programs on Linux

Category: emulators

Submitter: Pyrdracon
Maintainer: Pyrdracon
Votes: 2

License: custom

Last Updated: 2016/07/19 - 17:59:22 +0000
First Submitted: 2013/04/04 - 14:50:55 +0000

Tarball :: PKGBUILD

Dependenciesalsa-lib dbus desktop-file-utils fontconfig gstreamer0.10gstreamer0.10-basegstreamer0.10-base-pluginslcms lcms2 lib32-alsa-lib lib32-dbus-core lib32-e2fsprogs lib32-fontconfig lib32-gcc-libs lib32-glibc lib32-gnutls lib32-gstreamer0.10 lib32-lcms lib32-lcms2 lib32-libcups lib32-libice lib32-libjpeg lib32-libpng12lib32-libsm lib32-libxcursor lib32-libxdamage lib32-libxext lib32-libxrandr lib32-mesa lib32-util-linux lib32-zlib libcups libldap libxcomposite libxcursor libxdamage libxrandr libxrender libxslt libxxf86dga mesa mpg123 openal pygtk python2 python2-dbus zlib 


Comment by: not3 on Mon, 08 Sep 2014 13:41:31 +0000

lib32-libcms2 is the new version of lib32-libcms, please change the depedency to lib32-libcms2