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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
fs-uae-launcher 2.4.1-1 games 0 FS-UAE Launcher is a graphical user interface for setting up FS-UAE (development version). AlmAck
gcc-arm-none-eabi-bin 7_2018_q2-1 devel 0 GNU Tools ARM Embedded Processors (binary distribution, includes newlib, does NOT include GDB) AlmAck
icestorm-git r336.8611d61-1 utils 0 Lattice iCE40 FPGAs Bitstream Documentation (Reverse Engineered) AlmAck
ipe 7.2.7-3 editors 4 The extensible drawing editor AlmAck
iscan office 2 A front-end for EPSON scanner/all-in-ones AlmAck
iscan-data 1.36.0-1 office 3 Image Scan! for Linux data files AlmAck
iscan-plugin-cx4400 2.1.3-1 office 0 iscan plugin for Epson Stylus CX4300/CX4400/CX4450/CX5500/CX5600/DX4400/DX4450 scanners. AlmAck
iscan-plugin-gt-1500 2.1.2-1 office 0 iscan plugin for Epson GT-1500 scanner. AlmAck
iscan-plugin-gt-f670 2.1.2-1 office 0 iscan plugin for Epson Perfection Photo V200 scanners and similar AlmAck
iscan-plugin-gt-f700 2.1.2-2 office 1 iscan plugin for Epson Perfection Photo V350 scanners. AlmAck
iscan-plugin-gt-s600 2.1.2-1 office 0 iscan plugin for Epson Perfection V10/V100 scanners. AlmAck
iscan-plugin-gt-x750 2.1.2-2 office 0 iscan plugin for Epson Perfection 4490 / GT-X750 AlmAck
iscan-plugin-gt-x770 2.1.2-1 office 0 iscan plugin for Epson Colorio GT-X770/Perfection Photo V500 scanners. AlmAck
iscan-plugin-gt-x820 2.1.2-1 office 0 iscan plugin for Epson Colorio GT-X820/Perfection Photo V600 scanners. AlmAck
iscan-plugin-network 1.1.1-1 office 0 Plugin for using Epson scanners with ISCAN over network AlmAck
iscan-plugin-perfection-v370 1.0.0-1 office 0 Iscan plugin for the GT-F740/S640 and Perfection V37/V370 Photo scanners. AlmAck
isl3890-firmware 2-4 system 0 Firmware for wireless card 3Com 3CRWE154G72 AlmAck
jlink-software-and-documentation 6.32g-1 devel 0 Segger JLink software & documentation pack for Linux AlmAck
kfritz 0.0.14-1 kde 3 A KDE program for users of AVMs Fritz!Box to get call signaling and other functions. AlmAck
kicad 5.1.4-1 educational 5 Electronic schematic and printed circuit board (PCB) design tools AlmAck
kpmcore-git 3.3.0.r691.df449ac-1 system 0 Library for managing partitions. Common code for KDE Partition Manager and other projects. (GIT version) AlmAck
ld-lsb 3-8 system 2 Faking a Linux Standard Base runtime AlmAck
libreoffice-extension-writer2latex 1.4-1 none 0 A java program and collection of LibreOffice extensions for converting to and working with LaTeX in LibreOffice AlmAck
mksh 52.1-1 system 2 The MirBSD Korn Shell - an enhanced version of the public domain ksh AlmAck
mlt-git 20150810-2 multimedia 0 An open source multimedia framework, git version AlmAck
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