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Package Listing
 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
apkstudio-git 20170102.100.9e114ca-1 utils 0 Cross-platform Qt5 based IDE for reverse-engineering android applications Dax
capstone-git 20170102.2860.35c9623-1 lib 0 A lightweight multi-platform, multi-architecture disassembly framework. Dax
cmdpack 1.03-3 utils 0 Collection of command line utilities, most for emulation or disk images (bin2iso, bincomp, brrrip, byteshuf, byteswap, cdpatch, ecm, fakecrc, hax65816, id3point, pecompat, rels, screamf, subfile, uips, usfv, vb2rip, wordadd, zerofill) Dax
edb-debugger-git 0.9.21.r248.g76fe545-1 utils 0 EDB (Evan's Debugger) is a binary mode debugger with the goal of having usability on par with OllyDbg. Git version Dax
firefox-developer 62.0b2-1 network 3 Standalone web browser from, developer build Dax
haxe-bin-latest 3.4.3-1 devel 0 Cross-platform toolkit and programming language Dax
lemon 20161229-2 utils 0 The LALR Parser Generator used in sqlite. Dax
lzop 1.03-5 utils 0 File compressor using lzo lib Dax
makeheaders 1.0-1 utils 0 Simple utility that will automatically generate .h files from .{c,cpp files Dax
neko-bin 2.1.0-1 devel 0 High-level dynamically typed programming language Dax
radare2-git 20150918.9026.4ae29be-1 utils 0 Open-source tools to disasm, debug, analyze and manipulate binary files Dax
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