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Package Listing
 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
acct 6.6.4-1 utils 1 The GNU Accounting Utilities provide login and process accounting utilities for GNU/Linux and other systems. FranzMari
acpid-git 20130910-1 daemons 0 A daemon for delivering ACPI power management events with netlink support FranzMari
adobe-air 2.6-1 x11 2 Crossplatform desktop applications build using proven web technologies FranzMari
adobe-air-sdk 2.6-7 system 2 Adobe Air Software Development Kit and Runtime Environment FranzMari
alexandra 1.5.0-1 utils 1 a simple and comfortable program for video library organization and management FranzMari
amule-adnza 2012.1-2 network 1 aMule patched for Fastweb Network (Italy) by Adunanza forum FranzMari
android-sdk-build-tools r21.0.1-2 devel 1 Build-Tools for Google Android SDK (aapt, aidl, dexdump, dx, llvm-rs-cc) FranzMari
android-studio devel 8 The official Android IDE (Stable branch) FranzMari
angrysearch 1.0.1-1 utils 0 Instant file search FranzMari
aqemu-git 294.22f0c1f-1 emulators 1 QEMU GUI written in Qt5 FranzMari
arc-kde 20180614-1 kde 0 Arc theme for KDE Plasma 5 FranzMari
argon2 20171227-2 lib 0 A password-hashing function (reference C implementation) FranzMari
asar 0.14.3-1 devel 0 Creating Electron app packages FranzMari
ascii 3.18-1 utils 0 Utility for conversion between various byte representations and the ASCII character table FranzMari
ascii-design 1.1.1-1 kde 2 Ascii Design is an ascii-art program based on figlet engine. FranzMari
audacious 3.9-1 multimedia 7 Audacious is a free software audio player with a focus on low resource usage, high audio quality, and support for a wide range of audio formats. FranzMari
audacious-plugins 3.9-1 multimedia 3 Plugins for Audacious. FranzMari
audacious-plugins-qt5 3.9-1 multimedia 2 Plugins for Audacious (qt5 interface) FranzMari
audacious-qt5 3.9-1 multimedia 2 Lightweight, advanced audio player (with qt5 interface) FranzMari
audiokonverter 5.9.5-1 kde 3 A service menu for audio conversion from OGG, MP3, AAC, M4A, FLAC, WMA, RealAudio, Musepack, Wavpack, WAV FranzMari
automake-1.7 1.7.9-1 devel 0 A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles FranzMari
bakaar 0.3-2 multimedia 2 Simple lightweight KDE media player with a beautiful osd, especially designed for full screen usage. FranzMari
bino 1.4.4-1 multimedia 4 Stereoscopic video player(plays 3D videos) FranzMari
bleachbit 2.0-1 utils 8 Deletes unneeded files to free disk space and maintain privacy FranzMari
bluefish 2.2.10-1 editors 3 A powerful HTML editor for experienced web designers and programmers FranzMari
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