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Package Listing
 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
jitsi 2.10.5550-4 network 2 An audio/video SIP VoIP phone and instant messenger written in Java (formerly SIP-Communicator) James_Che
libcurl-compat 7.56.0-1 lib 0 An URL retrieval library (without versioned symbols) James_Che
msodbcsql utils 0 Microsoft® ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server® James_Che
mssql-tools devel 0 Microsoft® SQL Server® Tools for Linux James_Che
otf-fira-code-git 1.205.r6.gade27f5-1 x11 0 Fira Code: monospaced font with programming ligatures. James_Che
spotify multimedia 21 A proprietary music streaming service James_Che
wire-desktop 3.0.2816-1 network 0 Modern, private messenger. Based on Electron. James_Che
zoom 2.0.115900.1201-1 network 0 Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing Service James_Che
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