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Package Listing
 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
a2ps 4.14-4 utils 1 a2ps is an Any to PostScript filter Pyrdracon
abcmidi 20170419-1 multimedia 2 A set of tools for converting ABC files to MIDI files and vice versa, as well as other small utilities Pyrdracon
bittripbeat 1.0_5-1 games 2 Rhythm-based pong-style platformer Pyrdracon
brother-hl2250dn 2.0.4_2-1 system 1 Brother HL-2250DN CUPS Driver Pyrdracon
brother-mfc-j870dw 3.0.0-3 system 0 LPR and CUPS driver for the Brother MFC-J870DW Pyrdracon
ccrtp 2.1.1-2 devel 2 An implementation of RTP, the real-time transport protocol from the IETF Pyrdracon
crossover 15.1.0-1 emulators 2 Run Windows Programs on Linux Pyrdracon
ctpl 0.3.3-1 lib 0 Template engine library written in C Pyrdracon
deb2targz 1-3 utils 0 Converts .deb archives to tar.gz Pyrdracon
dolphin-box-plugin-git 20130405-1 kde 4 Dropbox integration for the dolphin file manager Pyrdracon
fieldrunners 1.0.0-6 games 3 A tower defense game. Pyrdracon
geany 1.25-1 editors 4 A fast and lightweight IDE Pyrdracon
geany-plugins 1.25-1 editors 4 The combined plugins release for Geany Pyrdracon
glc 0.5.8-2 multimedia 2 An ALSA & OpenGL capture tool for Linux (with pulseaudio support) Pyrdracon
java-bcel 5.2-2 lib 2 A library to analyze, create and manipulate Java classfiles Pyrdracon
java-bluecove 2.1.0-1 lib 0 JSR-82 Java implementation Pyrdracon
java-commons-cli 1.2-2 lib 2 Java API for parsing command line options passed to programs Pyrdracon
jmtpfs 0.5-1 multimedia 4 mtpfs with better support for Android Pyrdracon
jsidplay2 3.6-1 emulators 1 This is a Commodore 64 emulator specialized for sound reproduction written in Java Pyrdracon
k4dirstat 3.1.1-1 utils 0 A graphical disk usage utility for KDE Pyrdracon
kbibtex 0.6.2-1 office 3 A BibTeX editor for KDE Pyrdracon
lejos_nxj 0.9.1beta_3-1 devel 3 Tools for programming the Lego NXT brick in Java Pyrdracon
lib32-glc 0.5.8-3 multimedia 2 An ALSA & OpenGL capture tool for Linux (with pulseaudio support) Pyrdracon
lib32-libmumble 1.2.9-1 lib32 2 A voice chat application similar to TeamSpeak (32-bit overlay library) Pyrdracon
lib32-libpng12 1.2.56-1 lib32 0 A collection of routines used to create PNG format graphics files (32-bit, 1.2 branch) Pyrdracon
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