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Package Listing
 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
bedup 0.9.0-4 utils 0 Offline deduplication utility for the BTRFS filesystem QuartzDragon
celestia-gtk 1.6.1-1 educational 2 Real-time space simulation QuartzDragon
dia 0.97.2-7 office 3 A GTK+ based diagram creation program QuartzDragon
gnofract4d 3.14.1-2 educational 0 Create beautiful fractal images in PyGTK QuartzDragon
gramps 4.1.0-1 office 2 A genealogy program, which helps you track your family tree QuartzDragon
kdeplasma-applets-plasma-nm-git 1440.8e03539-1 kde 0 Plasma applet written in QML for managing network connections QuartzDragon
kdeplasma-applets-smooth-task2 20131102-1 kde 3 Smooth Tasks 2 Plasma applet QuartzDragon
lib32-simplescreenrecorder-git 0.3.3.r31.g92551ef-1 multimedia 1 OpenGL recording of 32-bit applications with SimpleScreenRecorder. (Git version) QuartzDragon
libmm-qt-git 176.f6c10ff-1 kde 0 Qt-only wrapper for ModemManager DBus API QuartzDragon
libnm-qt-git 636.5b45dc8-1 kde 0 Qt-only wrapper for NetworkManager DBus API QuartzDragon
lxdream 0.9.1-1 emulators 0 A linux-based emulator for the Sega Dreamcast system. QuartzDragon
lxdream-mercurial 1295-1 emulators 0 A linux-based emulator for the Sega Dreamcast system. QuartzDragon
mullvad 45-1 network 0 VPN Client for, a bitcoin-friendly VPN for anonymity and privacy QuartzDragon
nifskope 1.1.3-1 games 0 An open source project creating tools for files used by the NetImmerse/GameBryo™ game engine. QuartzDragon
obconf-git x11 1 A gtk2 based configuration tool for the Openbox windowmanager QuartzDragon
openbox-git none 0 A window manager for the X11 windowing system QuartzDragon
python2-ocempgui 0.2.9-1 lib 0 GUI engine for Pygame and more QuartzDragon
python2-pgu 0.18-1 games 0 Phil's pyGame Utilities A collection of handy utilities and libraries created by Phil Hassey. QuartzDragon
python2-pygame-mercurial 3349.823708f24a3a-1 games 0 Python game library QuartzDragon
python3-alembic 0.6.7-1 devel 0 Lightweight dababase migration tool for usage with SQLAlchemy QuartzDragon
python3-pygame-mercurial 3349.823708f24a3a-1 games 0 Python game library QuartzDragon
python3-pyopenal 0.1.0-1 editors 0 Python bindings for OpenAL QuartzDragon
python3-pysdl2 0.9.3-1 devel 0 A Python wrapper around the SDL2 library QuartzDragon
redeclipse-svn 6630-1 games 5 Red Eclipse is a fun-filled new take on the casual first person arena shooter, built as a total conversion of Cube Engine 2 QuartzDragon
rsyncbtrfs 1.0.3-1 utils 1 Simple incremental backup tool which uses the incremental snapshot capability of Btrfs subvolumes. QuartzDragon
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