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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
lib32-libpng14 1.4.11-1 lib32 1 A collection of routines used to create PNG format graphics files (32-bit, 1.4 branch) Ram-Z
libasr 1.0.2-1 lib 0 A free, simple and portable asynchronous resolver library. Ram-Z
libretro-super-git r512.5169af8-1 emulators 3 A collection of libretro implementations for RetroArch. Ram-Z
lua-penlight 1.3.1-1 system 0 Lua libraries focusing on input data handling Ram-Z
mariadb-jdbc 1.1.0-1 lib 0 The official JDBC driver for MariaDB Ram-Z
mimeo 2016.1.14.3-1 system 1 Open files by MIME-type or file name using regular expressions. Ram-Z
minecraft latest-7 games 9 An open-world game whose gameplay revolves around breaking and placing blocks Ram-Z
mkinitcpio-nbd 0.4.2-1 system 0 mkinitcpio hook to boot from a Network Block Device (NBD) Ram-Z
mopidy 0.18.3-1 multimedia 1 Mopidy is a music server which can play music both from multiple sources, like your local hard drive, radio streams, and from Spotify and SoundCloud. Ram-Z
mopidy-spotify 1.1.0-1 multimedia 0 Mopidy extension for playing music from Spotify Ram-Z
msmtp 1.6.4-1 system 0 A mini smtp client Ram-Z
mutt 1.6.1-1 network 2 Small but very powerful text-based mail client Ram-Z
mutt-sidebar 1.5.23-2 network 1 Small but very powerful text-based mail client Ram-Z
ncmpcpp 0.7.5-1 multimedia 2 Almost exact clone of ncmpc with some new features Ram-Z
openxcom 0.9-1 games 1 An open-source reimplementation of the famous X-COM game Ram-Z
owncloud-git 20120610-1 network 3 ownCloud is part of the Social Desktop, a project connecting you with your peers in the community Ram-Z
pass-git system 0 stores, retrieves, generates, and synchronizes passwords securely Ram-Z
perl-rename 1.8-1 system 2 Renames multiple files using Perl regular expressions. Ram-Z
ponymix-git 20130405-1 utils 0 CLI PulseAudio Volume Control Ram-Z
profile-sync-daemon 6.31-1 daemons 13 Syncs browser profiles to tmpfs reducing SSD/HDD calls and speeding-up browsers. Ram-Z
python2-babelfish 0.5.3-1 devel 0 A module to work with countries and languages Ram-Z
python2-cheetah 2.4.4-1 lib 0 A Python-powered template engine and code generator Ram-Z
python2-empy 3.3-1 lib 0 A powerful and robust templating system for Python. Ram-Z
python2-gdata 2.0.18-1 network 0 Python client library for Google data APIs Ram-Z
python2-guessit 0.9.4-2 devel 0 A library for guessing information from video files. Ram-Z
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