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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
python2-paver 1.2.2-1 lib 0 Build, Distribute and Deploy Python Projects Ram-Z
python2-progressbar 2.3-1 lib 0 Text progressbar library for python. Using python 2. Ram-Z
python2-pykka 1.2.0-1 lib 0 Easy to use concurrency abstractions for Python using the actor model Ram-Z
python2-pyrss2gen 1.1-1 lib 0 A Python library for generating RSS 2.0 feeds. Ram-Z
python2-stevedore 1.1.0-1 devel 0 Manage dynamic plugins for Python applications Ram-Z
python2-tmdb3 0.6.17-1 lib 0 APIv3 interface Ram-Z
python2-transmissionrpc 0.11-1 lib 0 Module to communicate with Transmission BT client via JSON-RPC Ram-Z
python2-tvrage 0.3.0-1 lib 0 Object oriented client interface for's XML based api feeds Ram-Z
python2-ws4py 0.3.2-1 lib 0 WebSocket library for Python Ram-Z
python2-yenc 0.4.0-1 lib 0 yEnc encoding/decoding module for python2 Ram-Z
python3-pypeg2 2.15.1-1 lib 0 An intrinsic PEG Parser-Interpreter for Python Ram-Z
qutebrowser-git r3832.46ca0e4-1 network 1 A keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5 and QtWebKit Ram-Z
quvi 0.9.5-1 utils 1 Command-line tool for parsing video download links. Ram-Z
rapidminer 5.3.007-1 educational 0 An open-source data mining solution. Ram-Z
retroarch-git 0.9.9.r4274.g18be846-1 emulators 4 Simple frontend for the libretro API. Ram-Z
rsnapshot 1.3.1-4 utils 2 A remote filesystem snapshot utility Ram-Z
sabnzbd 0.7.20-1 utils 4 A web-interface based binary newsgrabber with NZB file support Ram-Z
screenfetch 3.8.0-1 system 7 Bash screenshot info grabber (DE, WM, theme, uptime, ...) Ram-Z
screenfetch-git 20130324-1 system 3 Bash screenshot info grabber (DE, WM, theme, uptime, ...) GIT Version Ram-Z
sickbeard-git 3674.a5d152b-1 multimedia 1 A PVR application that downloads and manages your TV shows Ram-Z
split2flac 114-1 multimedia 0 Split flac/ape/wv/wav + cue sheet into separate tracks. Ram-Z
steamos-xpad-dkms alchemist.3.10.f5f73eb-1 modules 0 xpad kernel module included with Valve's SteamOS Ram-Z
tftp-hpa 5.2-2 network 0 Official tftp server Ram-Z
tig 2.0.3-1 devel 1 Text-mode interface for Git. Ram-Z
tt-rss 1.10-1 network 2 Web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) aggregator Ram-Z
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