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Package Listing
 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
split2flac 114-1 multimedia 0 Split flac/ape/wv/wav + cue sheet into separate tracks. Ram-Z
steamos-xpad-dkms alchemist.3.10.f5f73eb-1 modules 0 xpad kernel module included with Valve's SteamOS Ram-Z
tftp-hpa 5.2-2 network 0 Official tftp server Ram-Z
tig 2.0.3-1 devel 1 Text-mode interface for Git. Ram-Z
tt-rss 1.10-1 network 2 Web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) aggregator Ram-Z
tvheadend-git 20120906-1 daemons 1 TV streaming server for Linux Ram-Z
udftools 1.0.0b3-1 utils 2 Linux UDF tools Ram-Z
unclutter 8-1 x11 0 A small program for hiding the mouse cursor Ram-Z
uranium 2.1.0-1 lib 0 A Python framework for building Desktop applications. Ram-Z
urlview 0.9p20-1 network 0 A curses URL parser for text files Ram-Z
vba-m-svn 1226-1 emulators 2 A VBA fork that focuses on consolidating existing ports and improving VBA in general Ram-Z
vicious 2.1.3-1 lib 1 Widgets for the Awesome window manager Ram-Z
weechat 1.6-1 network 6 Fast, light and extensible IRC client (curses UI) Ram-Z
weka 3.7.10-1 educational 0 A collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks Ram-Z
wol 0.7.1-1 network 1 Wake On LAN functionality in a small program. It wakes up hardware that is Magic Packet compliant Ram-Z
xautolock 2.2-1 x11 0 An automatic X screen-locker/screen-saver Ram-Z
xcape-git 1.1.2.gc01ef4f-1 x11 0 Use a modifier as another key (chord) when pressed and released on its own Ram-Z
xcb-util-xrm 1.2-2 x11 0 XCB utility functions for the X resource manager Ram-Z
xdg-utils-mimeo 1.1.0.rc1.r101.g34e0338-1 system 0 Command line tools that assist applications with a variety of desktop integration tasks; patched to use mimeo Ram-Z
zathura 0.3.5-1 office 0 Minimalistic document viewer Ram-Z
zathura-djvu 0.2.5-1 office 0 DjVu support for Zathura Ram-Z
zathura-pdf-poppler 0.2.6-1 office 0 PDF support for Zathura (Poppler backend) Ram-Z
zathura-ps 0.2.3-1 office 0 Adds ps support to zathura by using the libspectre library Ram-Z
zsh-completions-git system 0 Additional completion definitions for Zsh Ram-Z
zsh-syntax-highlighting 0.2.0-1 system 1 Fish shell like syntax highlighting for Zsh. Ram-Z
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