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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
dropbear 2014.63-1 network 0 dropbear is a SSH 2 server and client. Lightweight replacement for sshd UtG
evolvere-icon-theme 1.1.9-1 kde 1 A smooth icon theme for your Linux workspace (2 styles: regular and dark-fallback) UtG
evolvere-icon-theme-blue-folders 1.1.9-1 kde 0 A smooth icon theme for your Linux workspace (blue-folders, 2 style: regular and dark-fallback) UtG
faba-icon-theme 1.0-3 kde 2 Faba is meant to be a base icon set for others. UtG
ffms2 2.20-2 lib 0 A libav/ffmpeg based source library and Avisynth plugin for easy frame accurate access UtG
firefox-sync 20120619-1 network 0 Speed up Firefox using tmpfs UtG
flattr-icon-theme-git 0.r418.db187dc-1 kde 1 Flattr is an icon theme for Linux desktops designed and developed by Uri Herrera. The set is inspired by the latest flat design trend. (git version) UtG
flatwoken-icons-git r502.f1407b3-1 kde 2 A flat, long-shadow icon theme derived from the popular AwOken UtG
fontconfig-infinality-ultimate 2.11.1-7 lib 4 A library for configuring and customizing font access (includes generic fontconfig package and ultimate settings by bohoomil). (infinality-bundle) UtG
fortune-mod-br 20080530-1 games 0 Collection of Brazilian-Portuguese fortune cookie files, from the Debian project UtG
fortune-mod-de 1.0-1 games 0 A collection of German fortune cookie files UtG
fortune-mod-es 1.32-1 games 0 Collection of Spanish fortune cookie files, from the Debian project UtG
fortune-mod-fr 0.02-1 games 0 Collection of French fortune cookie files UtG
fortune-mod-it 1.99-1 games 0 Collection of Italian fortune cookie files UtG
fortune-mod-ru 1.52-1 games 0 Collection of Russian fortune cookie files UtG
freetype2-infinality-ultimate 2.5.5-1 lib 4 TrueType font rendering library with Infinality patches and custom settings by bohoomil (infinality-bundle) UtG
gconf-sharp 2.24.2-4 lib 2 Mono bindings for GConf UtG
gimp-theme-oxygen 0.1-1 office 3 A theme that provides KDE integration to gimp UtG
gio-sharp 0.3-1 lib 1 a branch of the official gtk-sharp/gio to get gio-sharp building on gtk-sharp 2.12 UtG
gkeyfile-sharp 0.1-1 lib 0 Mono bindings for GLib’s GKeyFile UtG
gnome-keyring-sharp 1.0.2-4 gnome 1 A fully managed implementation of libgnome-keyring UtG
gtk-sharp-2 2.12.22-1 gnome 1 "gtk2 bindings for C UtG
guvcview 1.7.3-1 multimedia 3 A video viewer and capturer for the linux uvc driver UtG
jabref 2.9.2-1 office 7 GUI frontend for BibTeX, written in Java UtG
kdeplasma-applets-actos-soundmenu-git 4.b6d5fa2-1 kde 1 Very simple Sound Menu plasmoid with volume and playback (MPRIS) controls for the current media player UtG
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