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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
kdeplasma-applets-applicationname 2.0-2 kde 4 Shows the application name of the focused window UtG
kdeplasma-applets-homerun-git 20140514-1 kde 2 An application launcher for KDE Plasma desktop - git version UtG
kdestyle-kvantum-kde4-git 693733b-1 kde 1 An SVG themeable style for Qt4 and KDE4 UtG
kexec-tools 2.0.4-1 system 1 Load another kernel from the currently executing Linux kernel UtG
kobby 1.0b5-1 utils 5 Kobby is a collaborative text editor for KDE. It uses the infinote protocol, making it compatible with other collaborative editors (such as Gobby). UtG
ksplice-git 20140403-1 system 0 Update the Linux kernel without rebooting UtG
lib32-cairo-infinality-ultimate 1.12.16-12 lib32 3 Cairo vector graphics library with respect-fontconfig, expose and Ubuntu patches (32-bit, infinality-bundle) UtG
lib32-fontconfig-infinality-ultimate 2.11.1-4 lib32 3 A library for configuring and customizing font access (32-bit, infinality-bundle) UtG
lib32-freetype2-infinality-ultimate 2.5.5-1 lib32 3 TrueType font rendering library with Infinality patches and custom settings by bohoomil (32-bit, infinality-bundle). UtG
libgnome 2.32.1-3 gnome 1 Common libraries for GNOME UtG
libgnomeui 2.24.5-5 gnome 1 User Interface library for GNOME UtG
libunarr-git r189.91c3eb5-1 lib 0 ('A lightweight decompression library with support for rar, tar and zip archives.') UtG
libwnck3 3.14.0-1 x11 0 Window Navigator Construction Kit (GTK+3) UtG
linux-ck 4.0.5-1 system 3 Linux Kernel and modules with the ck1 patchset featuring the Brain Fuck Scheduler v0.462 UtG
modern-chakra-curie-splash 2.0-1 kde 11 A modern and animated Chakra Curie splash screen UtG
modprobed-db 2.24-1 system 1 Keeps track of EVERY kernel module ever used - useful for those of us who make localmodconfig :) UtG
mono-addins 1.1-1 lib 1 A generic framework for creating extensible applications and for creating libraries which extend those applications UtG
newsoul 0.2.1-1 network 1 Museek+, a daemon/server based Soulseek client, resurrected. UtG
notify-sharp 0.4.1-1 lib 0 C Sharp D-Bus client library for desktop notifications UtG
nvidia-304xx-ck 304.125-2 modules 1 NVIDIA drivers for linux-ck, 304xx legacy branch. UtG
nvidia-304xx-pf 304.117-2 modules 0 NVIDIA drivers for linux-pf, 304xx legacy branch. UtG
nvidia-340xx-ck 340.76-1 modules 0 NVIDIA drivers for linux-ck, 340xx legacy branch. UtG
nvidia-bumblebee-pf 331.38-3 modules 0 NVIDIA drivers for linux-pf. Packaged for Bumblebee UtG
nvidia-ck 346.72-1 modules 3 NVIDIA drivers for linux-ck UtG
nvidia-pf 331.38-3 modules 0 NVIDIA drivers for linux-pf. UtG
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