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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
nvidiabl-ck 0.88-1 modules 0 Driver to adjust display backlight on modern mobile NVidia graphics adapters for linux-ck UtG
nvidiablctl 0.2-1 system 0 Application to adjust display backlight with nvidiabl module. UtG
otf-brill 2.02-1 x11 1 Brill Typeface by John Hudson for Brill Publishing House (OpenType) UtG
otf-neris 1.00-1 x11 1 A display sans for one paragraph (or shorter) length text: quotes, openings, titles. UtG
plank 0.9.1-1 gnome 3 Elegant, simple, clean dock UtG
polipo 1.1.1-1 network 3 A small and fast caching web proxy. UtG
python2-application 1.4.0-1 modules 0 Collection of modules that are useful when building Python applications. UtG
python2-backports 1.0.1-1 lib 0 Collection of backported Python features that run on Python 2.5 or newer. UtG
python2-cjson 1.0.5-1 lib 0 Fast JSON encoder/decoder for Python. UtG
python2-eventlet 0.14.0-1 lib 0 Highly concurrent networking library UtG
python2-gnutls 1.2.5-1 lib 0 Python wrapper for the GNUTLS library UtG
python2-msrplib 0.15.0-1 lib 0 Client library for MSRP protocol and its relay extension (RFC 4975 and RFC4976). UtG
python2-pywapi 0.3.8-1 utils 0 Python wrapper around the Yahoo! Weather, and NOAA APIs UtG
python2-sipclients 20140607-1 network 0 Clients used to test the SIP SIMPLE Client library. UtG
python2-sipsimple 1.3.0-1 devel 0 SIP SIMPLE Client SDK is a Software Development Kit for easy development of SIP end-points that support rich media like Audio, Instant Messaging, File Transfers, Desktop Sharing and Presence UtG
python2-xcaplib 1.0.17-1 lib 0 Client for managing full or partial XML documents on XCAP servers (RFC 4825) UtG
python3-pywapi 0.3.8-1 utils 0 Python wrapper around the Yahoo! Weather, and NOAA APIs UtG
r8168-ck 8.039.00-2 modules 0 A kernel module for Realtek 8168 network cards (for linux-ck kernel) UtG
r8168-pf 8.038.00-1 modules 0 A kernel module for Realtek 8168 network cards (kernel-pf) UtG
sk1libs 0.9.2-1 lib 0 A set of python non-GUI extensions for sK1 Project UtG
speedtest-cli 0.3.2-1 network 3 Command line interface for testing internet bandwidth using UtG
texlive-publishers 2014.34878-1 office 8 TeX Live - LaTeX classes and packages for specific publishers UtG
torrent-search 0.11.2-2 network 0 A torrent search engine: looks for torrent files on different websites, and allows the user to filter the results. UtG
tremulous 1.1.0-1 games 6 A free team based FPS/RTS hybrid built on the ioq3 engine. Includes community updates. UtG
ttf-caviar_dreams 1.0-1 x11 0 More geometric sans-serif love, Nymphont style. UtG
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