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Package Listing
 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
adobe-source-sans-pro-fonts 2.010ro+1.065it-2 system 0 Sans serif font family for user interface environments Vellerofonte
droid-plasmatheme 0.1-1 kde 1 A new, Google Android like, plasma theme Vellerofonte
elementary-icons 3-1 x11 3 The elementary icons is an icon theme designed to be smooth, sexy, clear, and efficient. Vellerofonte
elementary-usu-icons 8.0.7-1 kde 2 Elementary icon theme from USU Vellerofonte
firefox-oxygen-kde 4.0_b3-1 kde 8 Complete add-on/theme bringing the Oxygen style for Firefox. Vellerofonte
goocanvas 2.0.2-1 system 1 A cairo canvas widget for GTK+ Vellerofonte
goocanvas1 1.0.0-3 system 0 A cairo canvas widget for GTK+ Vellerofonte
kdeartwork-androbit 4.11-1 none 0 A modern theme for KDE4 plasma desktop Vellerofonte
kdenlive-applications15.04-git 15.04.3.r5781.50aaf17-1 multimedia 0 A non-linear video editor for Linux using the MLT video framework. KF5 Frameworks (GIT Version, Applications/15.04 branch) Vellerofonte
kiconedit 4.4.0-1 kde 9 KDE Icon Editor Vellerofonte
nitrux-icon-theme-kde 3.5.3-1 none 0 The KDE version of the Nitrux OS Icons Vellerofonte
otf-aurulent-sans 20121130-1 x11 4 Aurulent Sans is designed to be used as an interface font on free graphics servers such as Vellerofonte
ttf-lato 2.010-1 x11 1 a sanserif type­face family Vellerofonte
yelp-tools 3.16.1-1 system 0 Tools for creating Yelp documentation Vellerofonte
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