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Package Listing
 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
awesfx 0.5.1d-1 system 1 Utilities for EMU10K1 cards (e.g. asfxload) alejandronova
bekwinfx-git 20130302-1 kde 1 Several 3rd party plugins for the KDE KWin compositor (BE::Clock, BE::Animated, BE::Distorted) alejandronova
danbooru-client 1.1.1-1 network 0 The original moe downloader. Access Danbooru-based image boards. alejandronova
dataquay 0.9-2 lib 0 A library that provides a friendly C++ interface to an RDF datastore using Qt4 classes and containers. alejandronova
devede 3.23.0-2 multimedia 1 A program to create VideoDVDs and CDs alejandronova
distrho-tal 20120518-1 multimedia 0 This is a plugin pack Togu Audio Line. Includes TAL Dub 3, Filter 1 & 2, NoiseMaker, Reverb 1, 2 & 3 and Vocoder 2. Ported to LV2. A Special thanks goes to Patrick Kunz for making these awesome plugins! alejandronova
freetype2-cff 2.4.12-2 office 0 TrueType font rendering library with Adobe CFF rasterizer alejandronova
hyphen-es 0.6-1 i18n 0 Spanish hyphenation rules alejandronova
libfishsound 1.0.0-2 multimedia 0 A simple programming interface that wraps Xiph.Org audio codecs alejandronova
liboggz10 1.0.2-1 lib 0 A simple programming interface for reading and writing Xiph.Org files and streams. 1.0.x branch. alejandronova
lv2-c++-tools 1.0.4-2 multimedia 0 Tools and libraries that may come in handy when writing LV2 plugins. alejandronova
sdlume 147-4 emulators 1 Universal Machine Emulator combines the features of MAME and MESS into a single multi-purpose emulator. alejandronova
sonic-visualiser 2.0-2 multimedia 0 A viewer and analyser of music audio files. alejandronova
vsxu multimedia 0 A free to use program that lets you create and perform real-time audio visual presets. alejandronova
xinput_calibrator 0.7.5-2 x11 0 A generic touchscreen calibration program for X.Org alejandronova
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