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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
otf-allerta 1.001-1 x11 2 Allerta is an open source typeface designed for use in signage chelqo
oxyfolders-icons 0.2-2 x11 4 Oxyfolders is just a little extra to complement the Oxygen Icon Theme chelqo
pkgbrowser 0.21-3 utils 5 A utility for browsing pacman databases and the AUR chelqo
pv 1.6.6-1 utils 2 A terminal-based tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipeline. chelqo
qalculate-gtk 2.5.0-1 educational 1 GTK+ frontend for libqalculate chelqo
renrot 1.1.0-1 utils 2 Renrot renames files according the DateTimeOriginal and FileModifyDate EXIF tags, if they exist. Additionally, it rotates files and their thumbnails, accordingly Orientation EXIF tag chelqo
ttf-comfortaa 2.004-1 x11 1 A simple, good looking, true type font. chelqo
ttf-impallari-amiko-devanagari 1.000-1 x11 1 Amiko is a clean and utilitarian font family, specifically designed for maximum legibility at the smallest possible size range, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-cabin-font 1.007-1 x11 3 A humanist sans inspired by Edward Johnston's and Eric Gill's typefaces, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-cabin-sketch 1.02-1 x11 2 Other humanist sans inspired by Edward Johnston's and Eric Gill's typefaces, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-cancelleresca-bastarda beta28-1 x11 3 Designed by Jan van Krimpen in 1934 (OTF), from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-cantora 1.001-1 x11 4 Cantora ('Singer' in Spanish) is a friendly semi formal, semi condensed, semi sans serif, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-dancing-script 1.2-1 x11 2 Lively casual script where the letters bounce and change size slightly, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-domine 1-1 x11 2 Domine is a perfect choice for newspapers or blogs where text is the main focus, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-dosis 1.7-1 x11 3 Very simple, rounded, sans serif font family, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-encode-sans 1.002-1 x11 1 Encode Sans Font: Obsessively optimized for the web, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-formal-script-for-the-web 1.001-1 x11 2 A Formal Script for the web, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-hermeusone 1.0-1 x11 2 Hermeneus is a grecian style font, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-kaushan-script 1.02-1 x11 2 Feels like writing quickly with an inked brush, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-libre-baskerville 1.000-1 x11 2 Libre Baskerville is webfont optimized for web body text, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-libre-bodoni 1.001-1 x11 1 Based on the 19th century Morris Fuller Benton's ATF design, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-libre-caslon-display 1.001-1 x11 1 Libre Caslon in Display style, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-libre-caslon-text 1.001-1 x11 1 Libre Caslon in Text style, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-libre-franklin 1.001-1 x11 1 An interpretation and expancion based on the 1912 Morris Fuller Benton’s classic, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-life-savers-handlettered-stymie 3.000-1 x11 2 1950's Life Savers Handlettered Stymie, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
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