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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
ttf-impallari-lobster-font 1.007-1 x11 3 A lovely bold condensed script (OTF), from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-lobstertwo 1.006-1 x11 2 Other lovely bold condensed script, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-milonga 1.0-1 x11 2 Milonga is a Font inspired on “tangueros” art, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-miltonian 1.007-1 x11 2 Two playful fonts for all your informal needs, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-neuton-serif-family 1.46-1 x11 1 A classy blend of simplification, curvature, and angles, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-new-rocker 1.0-1 x11 2 NewRocker is a loud, harsh, screaming font, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-poetsen-one 1.000-1 x11 1 Inspired by the hand painted signs in supermarkets, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-quattrocento 2.000-1 x11 2 Classic, Elegant, Sober and Strong typeface, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-quattrocento-sans 2.0-1 x11 2 Classic, Elegant & Sober typeface, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-racing-sans 1.1-1 x11 2 Racing Sans, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-raleway-dots 1.0-1 x11 3 A dotted version of Raleway, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-raleway-family 3.0-1 x11 4 Matt McInerney's Raleway family, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-ranchers 1.0-1 x11 2 'Relaxed interpretations' of sans serif typefaces typical of 1950, from Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-impallari-sniglet 2.0-1 x11 1 A rounded display face that’s great for headlines, from Haley Fiege & Pablo Impallari chelqo
ttf-sil-andika 5.500-1 x11 2 Andika is a sans serif, Unicode-compliant font designed especially for literacy use chelqo
ttf-sil-charis 5.000-1 x11 2 Charis is similar to Bitstream Charter chelqo
ttf-sil-doulos 5.000-1 x11 2 Doulos is very similar to Times/Times New Roman chelqo
ttf-sil-gentium-plus 5.000-1 x11 2 Gentium - a typeface for the nations chelqo
units 2.19-1 utils 3 Converts between different units chelqo
viewpdf 0.6.2-1 office 2 ViewPDF shows PDF files, clearly indicating annotations and possible mistakes chelqo
webogram-git 20171209-1 network 0 Web-based Telegram client chelqo
xsane 0.999-2 x11 3 A GTK-based X11 frontend for SANE chelqo
yacas 1.6.1-1 educational 3 Yet another computer algebra system chelqo
yagy 1.0.1-2 educational 2 Yagy is a (yet another) Graphical user interface for Yacas, a (yet another) Computer Algebra System chelqo
zbar-git iPhoneSDK.1.3.1.r10.g453a338-1 utils 0 Application and library for reading bar codes from various sources chelqo
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