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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
dcraw 9.22-1 multimedia 1 A command line based converter for digicams raw output ericjs
fmit 0.99.5-1 multimedia 0 Free Music Instrument Tuner ericjs
hal-flash 0.3.1-1 lib 0 A libhal stub library forwarding to UDisks for flash to play DRM content ericjs
jdk8 8.191.b12-1 system 4 Java Development Kit ericjs
notepadqq 1.4.8-1 editors 5 Notepad++-like text editor for Linux ericjs
smartsvn 7.6.2-1 devel 0 A Subversion(SVN) GUI client written in Java ericjs
xvst 2.5.1-2 multimedia 4 xVideoServiceThief: a GUI tool for downloading videos from sites like YouTube, GoogleVideo etc. ericjs
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