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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
libbonoboui 2.24.5-2 lib 2 User Interface library for Bonobo gcala
libfunambol 9.0.0-2 lib 0 Library for akunambol. gcala
libgda 4.2.7-1 lib 0 Data abstraction layer with mysql, pgsql, xml, sqlite providers gcala
libpurple-opensteamworks 1.4-1 network 3 Purple plugin to connect to Steam Friends/Steam IM. Works with ktelepathy, too. gcala
libqxt 0.6.2-1 lib 0 Library adding additional features not available in the qt toolkit gcala
libtiff3 3.9.5-1 lib 0 Legacy version of the library for manipulation of TIFF images gcala
libtvdb 0.4.0-1 lib 1 A small library to fetch TV series information from the web service gcala
libunique 1.1.6-3 devel 2 Library for writing single instance applications gcala
libwlocate-git 20130506-1 lib 0 libwlocate is a shared library that can be used for location-based services gcala
likeback-git 20101210-1 lib 0 A tool to collect user feedback. Version specific for akunambol gcala
lilina-git 20120823-1 network 2 Lilina is an open source feed news aggregator programmed in PHP. It supports RSS and Atom, the standards for syndication and can import from OPML, the standard for feed sharing. gcala
lxsplit 0.2.4-1 utils 0 Command-line file splitter/joiner compatible with any HJSplit version gcala
maemo-flasher 3.5-1 utils 4 The Maemo Flasher-3.5 tool is used to flash data to the Maemo device. gcala
mdf2iso 0.3.0-1 utils 0 Converts Alcohol 120% .mdf files to .iso files gcala
mimetic 0.9.8-1 lib 0 a free, MIT licensed, Email library (MIME) written in C++ gcala
minizip 1.2.8-1 lib 0 ZIP file extraction library gcala
minus-desktop 1.8-1 network 2 The Minus desktop app allows you to drag-n-drop photos and files into the taskbar and instantly upload onto Minus gcala
miro 6.0-1 multimedia 11 The free and open source internet TV platform gcala
mongodb 3.2.1-1 system 7 A high-performance, open source, schema-free document-oriented database. gcala
mongoengine 0.8.7-1 modules 0 A Python Object-Document-Mapper for working with MongoDB gcala
moviethumbs-core-git 0.4.0.r4.gee15d63-1 kde 0 MovieThumbs generates thumbnails for movies and series. Core features. gcala
moviethumbs-kde-git 0.4.0.r4.gee15d63-1 kde 0 MovieThumbs generates thumbnails for movies and series. KDE tools. gcala
multipath-tools 0.4.9-1 devel 0 Multipath Tools For Linux gcala
net6 1.3.14-1 devel 0 A library that provides a TCP protocol abstraction for C++ gcala
nitroshare 0.3.0-1 network 3 Network File Transfer Application gcala
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