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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
libemu-git 20140623-1 lib 1 A small library written in C offering basic x86 emulation and shellcode detection. george
libewf 20120225-1 lib 1 A library for support of the Expert Witness Compression Format (EWF). george
libnids 1.24-1 network 1 An implementation of an E-component of Network Intrusion Detection System. george
libpff 20110413-1 lib 1 A library and tools to access the PFF and OFF formats. george
linconnect-server-git r100.4d746b2-1 network 2 Server for the linconnect Android app that mirrors notifications to the desktop. george
maltego 3.5.3-1 network 3 A proprietary software for open source intelligence and forensics; community edition. george
mitmproxy 0.8-2 network 1 An SSL-capable man-in-the-middle HTTP proxy. george
mozjs 31.2.0.rc0-1 lib 1 Mozilla's latest javascript engine in a library (SpiderMonkey). george
ms-sys 2.4.1-1 utils 2 A tool to write Win9x/2k/XP/2k3/Vista/7/2k8 master boot records (mbr) under linux - RTM! george
mtd-utils 1.5.0-1 utils 1 Utilities related to handling MTD devices, and for dealing with FTL, NFTL JFFS2 etc. george
mtr-cli 0.86-1 network 5 Combines the functionality of traceroute and ping into one tool. (CLI version) george
mythes-en 20060306-1 office 1 English thesaurus, compatible with LibreOffice. george
navit 0.2.0-1 multimedia 1 Modular, touch screen friendly car navigation system with GPS tracking, realtime routing engine and support for various vector map formats. george
ndisc6 1.0.0-1 network 1 A collection of IPv6 networking utilities - ndisc6, rdisc6, tcptraceroute6, tracert6, rltraceroute6, tcpspray6. george
netcat6 1.0-1 network 1 Improved IPv6-ready version of Netcat, the network piping application. george
ngrep 1.45-1 network 2 A grep-like utility that allows you to search for network packets on an interface. george
nikto 2.1.5-1 network 2 A web server scanner which performs comprehensive tests against web servers for multiple items. george
nmapsi4-git 20120603-1 network 4 Qt-based GUI for nmap - git development version. george
noip 2.1.9-2 daemons 5 Dynamic DNS Client Updater for services george
nsd 3.2.10-1 network 1 Authoritative only, high performance and simple DNS server. george
ntfsfixboot 0.9-1 utils 2 A program to fix an NTFS partition boot sector. george
ntop 5.0.1-1 network 1 A network traffic probe that shows the network usage. george
oinkmaster 2.0-1 network 5 A script that will help you update and manage your Snort rules. george
ophcrack 3.4.0-1 utils 1 A free Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables. george
original-netcat 1.10-1 network 1 Hobbit's original network swiss-army knife. george
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