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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
stegdetect 0.6-1 utils 1 An automated tool for detecting steganographic content in images. george
stunnel 5.32-1 network 2 Encrypt arbitrary TCP connections inside SSL. george
subnetcalc 2.1.3-1 network 1 A subnet calculator for IPv4/IPv6. george
tcpflow 1.2.9-1 network 1 A TCP flow recorder and session reassembler. george
tcpreplay 3.4.4-1 network 1 Gives the ability to replay previously captured traffic in a libpcap format. george
tcpxtract 1.0.1-1 network 1 A tool for extracting files from network traffic. george
thc-ipv6 1.8-1 network 1 A complete toolset to attack the inherent protocol weaknesses of IPv6 and ICMP6, including an easy to use packet factory library. george
tinyproxy 1.8.3-1 network 1 A light-weight HTTP proxy daemon for POSIX operating systems. george
totd 1.5.1-1 network 1 The Trick Or Treat Daemon is a DNS-proxy for IPv4/IPv6 translation (DNS-ALG). george
trimage-git 20120221-1 multimedia 1 A graphical frontend to several lossless image compression tools. george
tripwire utils 2 The well-known intrusion detection and file integrity checking system. george
tshark 1.8.3-1 network 2 A free network protocol analyzer for Unix/Linux - command-line frontend only. george
ttysnoop 0.12d.k26-1 utils 0 A program that allows an administrator to snoop on login terminals. george
uiso-git 20120519-1 daemons 1 Daemon providing userland mount and umount of ISO file using DBus. george
unhash 1.1-1 utils 2 A program that tries a brute force attack against an MD5 or SHA1 hash. george
unhide 20110113-1 utils 1 A forensic tool to find processes and TCP/UDP ports hidden by rootkits, LKMs or by other techniques. george
uuid 1.6.2-2 lib 2 OSSP uuid - Universally Unique Identifier george
vbox-runner 0.3.3-1 kde 6 Run Virtualbox machines in KRunner. george
vinetto 0.07-2 utils 1 A forensics tool to examine Thumbs.db files. george
volatility 2.1-3 utils 1 A completely open memory forensics toolkit. george
volatility-svn 2166-2 utils 1 A completely open memory forensics toolkit, svn development version. george
webmin-plugin-nginx 0.05b-1 network 1 Justin Hoffman's Nginx plugin for Webmin. george
weplab 0.1.5-1 network 1 A WEP encryption cracker. george
xcompmgr 1.1.6-1 x11 1 Composite Window-effects manager for george
xprobe2 0.3-1 network 1 An active OS fingerprinting tool using ICMP. george
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