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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
haskell-hunit lib 1 A unit testing framework for Haskell. george
heroku-toolbelt 3.2.1-1 devel 2 Everything you need to get started using Heroku (including foreman). george
hexinject 1.4-1 network 1 A very versatile packet injector and sniffer, that provides a command-line framework for raw network access. george
honeyd 1.5c-1 network 0 A small daemon that creates virtual hosts on a network. george
hping 3.0.0-1 network 1 A command-line oriented TCP/IP packet assembler/analyzer. george
httptunnel 3.3-1 network 2 Creates a bidirectional virtual data connection tunnelled in HTTP requests. george
hunt 1.5-1 network 1 A TCP connection hijacker. george
hydra 7.3-1 network 1 A very fast network logon cracker which supports many different services. george
hyenae 0.36-1 network 1 A highly flexible, platform independent network packet generator that allows you to reproduce several MITM, DoS and DDoS attack scenarios. george
icmptx 0.01-1 network 1 A program that allows a user with root privledges to create a virtual network link between two computers, encapsulating data inside of ICMP packets. george
icmpush 2.2-1 network 1 An ICMP packet builder. george
iftop-ipv6 0.17-1 network 1 Does for network usage what top(1) does for CPU usage - with ipv6 debian patch. george
ike-scan 1.9-1 network 1 A tool that uses the IKE protocol to discover, fingerprint and test IPSec VPN servers. george
iodine 0.6.0_rc1-1 network 1 Lets you tunnel IPv4 data through a DNS server. george
ipv6calc 0.93.1-1 network 1 A small utility to manipulate, convert and calculate (more than) IPv6 addresses. george
ipv6tunnel 20100124-1 network 1 Scripts to enable IPv6 tunnel (isatap mode). george
john 1.7.9_jumbo7-1 utils 1 John the Ripper - A fast password cracker (jumbo-7 included) george
keybase-bin 1.0.16_20160630160045+c643773-1 utils 1 the Keybase Go client, filesystem, and GUI george
kippo 0.9-1 network 1 A medium interaction SSH honeypot designed to log brute force attacks and shell interaction. george
kismet 2013_03_R1b-1 network 3 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection system george
kstm 0.1-1 network 3 KDE front-end to ssh tunneling. george
labrea 2.5_stable_1-1 network 1 Intrusion detection tool to detect and trap worms, crackers and other malware. george
libbfio 20111031-1 lib 1 A library to provide basic file input/output abstraction. george
libdaq 2.0.4-1 lib 2 Data Acquisition library for packet I/O. george
libdnsres 0.1a-1 lib 0 A non-blocking DNS resolver library. george
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