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Package Listing
 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
cwtex-q-fonts 0.4-1 i18n 1 Set of five Chinese truetype fonts derived from cwTeX s8321414
deadbeef 0.7.2-1 multimedia 7 A GTK+ audio player for GNU/Linux. s8321414
gcin 2.9.0-1 i18n 5 Input method server supporting various input methods s8321414
kdeplasma-applets-distrowatcher 1.1-1 kde 2 Plasmoid that displays the latest releases of Linux distributions and packages, as published in s8321414
libratbag 0.14-1 utils 1 A DBus daemon to configure gaming mice s8321414
nyancat 1.5.2-1 games 1 Nyancat rendered in your terminal. s8321414
piper 0.5.1-1 utils 1 GTK application to configure gaming mice s8321414
qt5ct 1.1-1 utils 2 Qt5 Configuration Utility (requires Qt platform theme to be set to qt5ct) s8321414
sl 5.02-1 games 2 Steam Locomotive runs across your terminal when you type "sl" as you meant to type "ls". s8321414
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