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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
azpainter 2.1.3-1 editors 0 Painting software for Unix-like systems (stable version) ssf
coquillo 2.0.1-1 multimedia 1 Multi-plaftorm metadata editor for various audio formats. (stable version) ssf
google-chrome 71.0.3538.102-1 network 15 The web browser from Google (stable version) ssf
grafx2 2.5-1 editors 0 The ultimate 256 color painting program (stable version) ssf
gravit-designer 3.5.3-1 editors 0 Free vector editor (stable version) ssf
lhasa 0.3.1-1 utils 0 Free Software LHA implementation (stable version) ssf
libresprite-git 1.1.8-1 editors 0 Pixel/Sprite editor (development version) ssf
qt5-style-plugins-git 5.0.0.r36-1 kde 1 qt5 extra styles(Plastique, Motif, cleanlooks, blackberry, GTK2) ssf
qt5-style-qsvgstyle-git 5.r98-1 kde 1 QSvgStyle is a themeable SVG style ssf
qt5-style-skulpture-git 5.r38-1 kde 1 Skulpture is a GUI style addon for KDE programs ssf
rosa-imagewriter utils 1 Graphical utility for writing raw disk images & hybrid isos to USB keys ssf
zeal 0.6.1-1 devel 0 Offline documentation browser inspired by Dash (stable version) ssf
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