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Package Listing
 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
agedu 20141026-1 system 1 Track down wasted disk space tiemay
alsi 0.4.5-5 system 3 A configurable system information tool for Arch Linux. (Inspired by Archey) tiemay
alsi-chakra 0.4.5-3 system 5 A configurable system information tool with the chakra logo tiemay
flukz 0.4-1 devel 1 Shoot'em up game engine which can edit and save games online like a wiki tiemay
kcm_touchpad 0.3.1-1 kde 0 Synaptics driver based touchpads kcontrol module tiemay
kdeplasma-applets-bkodama 0.3.1-1 kde 1 A friendly (yet very simple-minded) Kodama wandering on your desktop tiemay
love 0.9.2-1 devel 3 A 2D game engine which uses the Lua scripting language tiemay
mediacrush-cli 1.2.0-1 multimedia 1 Upload media files to via a terminal tiemay
rednotebook 1.10.1-1 multimedia 3 A cross-platform diary and journal tiemay
ruby1.8 1.8.7_p374-2 devel 1 An object-oriented language for quick and easy programming tiemay
scrot 0.8_8-1 x11 5 A simple command-line screenshot utility for X tiemay
trinity 1.5-1 devel 1 A Linux System call fuzz tester tiemay
voxelands 1508.01-1 games 2 The fun-focused free software voxel world game tiemay
voxelands-next-git 20150628.8e82487-1 games 1 The fun-focused free software voxel world game (experimental branch) tiemay
whatweb 0.4.7-1 network 1 Next generation web scanner that identifies what websites are running tiemay
xlander 1.0-1 games 1 A Unix/X11 classic, three-dimensional, view-oriented lunar landing simulation written in 1992 tiemay
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