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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
lrcshow-x 2.1.1-1 multimedia 3 It's a lyrics plugins written by pyqt4, supporting Amarok2, Qmmp, Audacious and other Linux Players with full dbus interface functions vicky91
lxde-common-qt-git 54f1e16-1 system 2 Default configuration and data files required to run LXDE-Qt vicky91
lxde-icon-theme 0.5.0-1 system 2 LXDE default default icon theme based on nuoveXT2 vicky91
lximage-qt-git 20130326-1 utils 1 Qt-based image viewer vicky91
lxinput-qt-git 20130326-1 utils 1 A light-weight program to configure keyboard and mouse vicky91
lxmenu-data-git 20110925-1 system 1 menu LXDE vicky91
lxpanel-qt-git 20130326-1 utils 2 Qt port of the desktop panel lxpanel vicky91
lxrandr-qt-git 20130326-1 utils 1 Monitor configuration tool vicky91
lxsession-git 20110926-1 system 1 lxsession LXDE vicky91
menu-cache-git lib 1 Caching mechanism for compliant menus vicky91
mplayer2-simple-git 20121122-1 multimedia 1 An advanced general-purpose media player vicky91
mycinema-git 20120602-1 multimedia 1 A simple, fast and multiplatform application to create your own movie collection retrieving movies informations and posters through different online website databases. vicky91
newbreeze 1.2.4-2 utils 3 Fast and light-weight File Manager (QT4) vicky91
nikki 1.0-1 games 1 Nikki and the robots: A game where you take the role of Nikki and try to cross those evil plans on behalf of a secret organization. vicky91
noblenote-git 20130323-1 utils 4 nobleNote aims to be a lightweight, open source alternative to Evernote and OneNote. vicky91
nomnom-git 20120914-1 multimedia 1 Application for downloading videos from Youtube and other similar video websites vicky91
obconf-qt-git 20130326-1 utils 2 Qt port of openbox configuration tool ObConf vicky91
openssh-askpass 2.0.0-1 system 2 A themeable ssh-askpass dialog. vicky91
pdfviewer 0.7-1 office 5 A simple program for viewing PDF files. vicky91
plasma-webqq 0.7-1 kde 2 Plasma WebQQ containment intergration. vicky91
python2-elementtidy 1.0-1 lib 0 The ElementTidy parser can read (almost) arbitrary HTML files, and turn them into well-formed element trees. vicky91
qastools 0.17.2-1 multimedia 3 A collection of Qt desktop applications for the Linux ALSA sound system. vicky91
qedit 2.6.3-1 utils 1 A modern, standalone and multi-purpose text editor. vicky91
qgmailnotifier 2008.2-1 utils 1 A portable QT4 based GMail notifier vicky91
qlipper 2.0.2-1 utils 2 Lightweight & cross-platform clipboard history applet based on qt vicky91
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