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Package Listing
 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
qpass 1.3.2-2 utils 2 Easy to use password manager with built-in password generator vicky91
qps 1.10.16-1 utils 2 a visual process manager, an X11 version of 'top' or 'ps'. vicky91
qpxtool 0.7.2-3 utils 2 Allows better controll over optical drives to include QChecks and optimization settings. vicky91
qtalarm 4700237.6-1 utils 1 Cross-platform Alarm Clock written with QT5 vicky91
qterminal-git 20121120-1 system 3 Light QT-based terminal emulator vicky91
qtermwidget-git 20130223-1 lib 2 A terminal widget for Qt4 vicky91
qwit 1.1_pre2-3 network 2 Qt4 cross-platform client for Twitter vicky91
qx11grab 0.4.9-1 x11 2 Qt4 applet for recording x11 windows with ffmpeg vicky91
qxkb 0.4.6-1 utils 1 Keyboard layout switcher (the further development of axkb) vicky91
qxmledit utils 2 A simple XML editor written in QT4 vicky91
razor-lightdm-greeter 0.5.2-2 x11 2 The Razor-qt LightDM greeter vicky91
razor-qt 0.5.2-2 system 2 Razor is a toolbox-like desktop-environment vicky91
razor-qt-git 20130220-1 system 1 A lightweight desktop environemnt written in Qt vicky91
recoll 1.19.5-1 utils 5 Full text search tool based on Xapian backend vicky91
rss-guard 1.1.2-1 utils 10 A (very) tiny RSS & ATOM reader (stable version) developed using Qt framework. vicky91
screengrab 1.0-2 utils 7 Crossplatform tool for grabbing screenshots of your desktop. vicky91
shotcut-git 20130315-1 multimedia 1 A free, open source, cross-platform video editor. vicky91
simsu 1.2.3-1 games 1 A basic Sudoku game vicky91
sir 2.6-2 utils 2 Simple image resizer in qt4 vicky91
skulpture 0.2.4-1 kde 4 Qt4/KDE4 style vicky91
smaragd 0.0.7-3 kde 7 KWin plugin to support Emerald themes in KDE. vicky91
smaragd-git 20120715-1 kde 4 KWin plugin to support Emerald themes in KDE. vicky91
smplayer2-git v0.8.0.6.g70d9ba3-1 multimedia 2 A fork of SMPlayer, targeted at mplayer2 users vicky91
syncwall 1.6.0-1 utils 2 Wallpaper manager with synchronization features vicky91
taskbar 2.4.10-1 utils 1 A transparent, animated and customizable application launcher. vicky91
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