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Package Listing
 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
atom-editor-bin 1.17.2-1 editors 1 Chrome-based text editor from Github - Precompiled binary from official repository xulien
bullet3-286 2.86-3 lib 0 A 3D Collision Detection and Rigid Body Dynamics Library for games and animation xulien
gentoo-bash-colors 1-4 utils 0 gentoo colors bash prompt and dircolors xulien
gvfs-trash 1.28.0-3 gnome 0 A minimal build of gvfs with most backends disabled. xulien
libpqxx 5.1.1-1 lib 0 C++ client API for PostgreSQL xulien
minio-client 2017.04.03-0 utils 0 Minio Client is a replacement for ls, cp, mkdir, diff and rsync commands for filesystems and object storage. xulien
mygui 3.2.2-5 lib 1 A multilayer and overlappable GUI System - no docs and no tools version xulien
openmw 0.43.0-2 games 4 An open-source engine reimplementation for the role-playing game Morrowind xulien
pgmodeler 0.9.0-1 devel 0 PostgreSQL Database Modeler: an open source CASE tool for modeling PostgreSQL databases xulien
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