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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
bangarang-git 20120520-1 multimedia 1 A KDE Media Player vicky91
basqet 0.2.0-1 utils 1 Notes and Data in Baskets. vicky91
beediff 1.9-1 utils 1 A program for file comparing. vicky91
bleachbit-cli 0.9.6-1 utils 1 Deletes unneeded files to free disk space and maintain privacy. CLI version/no GUI. vicky91
bookmanager-git 20121006-1 kde 2 A simple E-book manager and viewer. vicky91
bsc 4.1.0-1 utils 1 A file manager for Linux based on Qt-GUI. vicky91
cdcat 2.2-1 utils 1 CD/DVD/Media catalog software (QT based) vicky91
cocoon-git 20121006-1 kde 1 A GUI for Git vicky91
condorwatch 2.1.15-1 network 1 A utility application that helps managing Condor batch jobs at BNL. vicky91
connectagram 1.1.1-3 games 2 A word unscrambling game vicky91
contour 0.3-4 kde 6 Shell and frameworks for Plasma Active. vicky91
copyq 1.9.3-1 utils 4 Advanced clipboard manager with searchable and editable history with support for image formats, command line control and more. vicky91
cvswatch 1.5.5-1 network 1 A utility application that helps managing CVS repositories. vicky91
dekorator-git 20120715-1 kde 4 KWin plugin to support pixmap decorations in KDE. vicky91
detourious-git 20130705-1 utils 0 Detourious theme for E17 (with support for GTK2/GTK3) vicky91
e-modules-extra-git 0.17.4162.27803ee-1 system 0 Extra gadgets for e17 (NOTE: ***for enlightenment17-git ONLY***, if you're using enlightenment17, use e-modules-extra-svn instead) vicky91
easypaint-git 20120401-1 utils 1 Simple graphics painting program vicky91
efl-git system 0 Enlightenment Foundation Libraries - Development version (Ecore, Eldbus, Edje, Eet, Eeze, Efreet, Eina, Eio, Embryo, Emotion, Eo, Ephysics, Ethumb, & Evas) vicky91
elementary-git system 0 Enlightenment GUI toolkit - Development version vicky91
elogbook 1.9.3-1 utils 1 Aimed to collect daily information (progress reports, comments, to-do lists, phone numbers, etc.) on a post-it basis. vicky91
enlightenment17-git system 0 Enlightenment window manager (formerly e17) - Development version vicky91
evas_generic_loaders-git utils 0 Evas external binary executable loaders - Development version vicky91
feff 1.9.2-1 multimedia 4 Qt frontend for FFmpeg. vicky91
fet 5.19.3-1 utils 2 Free Timetabling Software automatically schedule the timetable of a school, high-school or university vicky91
fqterm network 2 A cross-platform terminal emulator program which supports telnet/ssh1/ssh2 vicky91
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