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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
qupzilla-git 20160612.3916.960f3a7-1 network 7 A new and very fast open source browser based on WebEngine core, written in Qt Framework. orphan
rosa-icons 1.0.42-1 x11 7 Rosa icons theme sermonpe
screenfetch 3.8.0-1 system 7 Bash screenshot info grabber (DE, WM, theme, uptime, ...) Ram-Z
screengrab 1.0-2 utils 7 Crossplatform tool for grabbing screenshots of your desktop. vicky91
secure-delete 3.1-4 utils 7 Secure file, disk, swap, memory erasure utilities antonizoon
smaragd 0.0.7-3 kde 7 KWin plugin to support Emerald themes in KDE. vicky91
sublime-text 2.0.2-1 editors 7 sophisticated text editor for code, html and prose orphan
unigine-valley 1.0-1 multimedia 7 Latest Interactive Unigine Benchmark AlmAck
yabause 0.9.12-1 emulators 7 A Sega Saturn emulator. vicky91
adb android.5.0.2.r1.1-1 utils 6 adb (Android Debug Bridge CLI tool), an Android platform tool eyome
beclock 0.18-1 kde 6 A simple clock, implemented as KWin Effect Inkane
contour 0.3-4 kde 6 Shell and frameworks for Plasma Active. vicky91
coolreader3 3.0.56-2 multimedia 6 E-Book viewer for comfort reading (epub (non-DRM), fb2, txt, rtf, html, chm, tcr formats supported) FranzMari
dfc 3.1.1-1 utils 6 Display file system space usage using graphs and colors chelqo
diffpdf office 6 Diffing pdf files visually or textually chelqo
draftsight 2018SP3-1 office 6 Freeware CAD software for DWG/DXF files. dinolib
eagle 9.4.2-1 educational 6 A powerful suite for schematic capture and printed circuit board design (aka eaglecad) AlmAck
fail2ban 0.9.3-1 network 6 Bans IPs after too many failed authentification attempts against common daemons orphan
google-earth network 6 A 3D interface to view satellite images of Earth and other objects orphan
handbrake-svn 5947-1 multimedia 6 Multiplatform, multithreaded DVD to MPEG-4/H264/Theora converter (gui + cli) orphan
hddtemp 0.3.beta15.52-1 daemons 6 Gives you the temperature of your hard drive by reading S.M.A.R.T. information bra10n
hotot-qt-git 20130514-1 network 6 A lightweight & open source microblogging software (twitter in Qt. hougelangley
jre6 6u45-4 system 6 Oracle Java 6 Runtime Environment (public release - end of support) orphan
jupiter 0.1.11-2 system 6 Simple, easy to use hardware and power management applet for x86_64 Linux laptops, and netbooks CybrixSystems
kde-services 3.0.2-1 kde 6 kde-service multifunction FranzMari
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