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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
ardis-basic-icon-theme 1.0-1 kde 1 Ardis is a project that is influenced by Numix utouchicon theme. orphan
arduino 1.8.7-1 devel 3 Arduino prototyping platform SDK AlmAck
arduino-builder 1.4.1-1 devel 0 A command line tool for compiling Arduino sketches AlmAck
arduino-ctags 5.8_arduino11-2 devel 0 A mix of ctags and anjuta-tags for the perfect C++ ctags AlmAck
arduino-docs 1.6.6-4 devel 0 Arduino IDE reference documentation AlmAck
ares network 0 A free open source file sharing program that enables users to share any digital file including images, audio, video, software, documents, etc. (via wine) orphan
argyllcms 1.6.3-1 system 1 An ICC compatible color management system with support for different colorimeter hardware orphan
ariamaestosa 1.4.13-2 multimedia 0 MIDI editor, player, tracker and composer orphan
armitage 08.13.15-1 network 0 GUI front end for Metasploit orphan
armitage-svn 841-1 network 1 A graphical cyber attack management tool for Metasploit orphan
arp-scan-git 1.9.r29.gf20c8d2-2 network 0 A tool that uses ARP to discover and fingerprint IP hosts on the local network orphan
arp-sk 0.0.16-1 network 1 Arp-sk is a swiss army tool for arp. george
arpalert 2.0.11-1 network 1 Monitor ARP changes in ethernet networks. george
arping 2.13-1 network 1 Broadcasts a who-has ARP packet on the network and prints answers. george
arpoison 0.6-1 network 1 The UNIX arp cache update utility george
arpon 2.7-1 network 1 Arp handler inspectiON - a portable Arp handler orphan
arpscan 1.8-1 network 2 ARP scanning and fingerprinting tool. orphan
arptables network 1 ARP filtering utility. orphan
arptools 1.0.2-1 network 1 A collection of ARP utilities. george
art-sharp 2.24.2-4 lib 1 Mono bindings for libart orphan
artha 1.0.3-2 office 2 A free cross-platform English thesaurus based on WordNet FranzMari
artifactory 3.4.0-1 devel 0 The world's most advanced repository manager not3
artikulate-git 20130226-1 kde 1 Listen to your own pronunciation and compare it native speakers. vicky91
artwiz-latin1-fonts 1.1-3 x11 0 A set of fonts based on artwiz/artwiz-aleczapka with bold and full ISO-8859-1 support Manu
arx-libertatis 1.1.2-1 games 4 Cross-platform port of Arx Fatalis, a first-person role-playing game gcala
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