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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
kawoken-icons 1.5-1 kde 5 Simple and quite complete icon set, Token-style. Ported to kde orphan
kdeplasma-addons-applets-eyasdp 1.2.0-1 kde 5 Enhanced yaSDP(yet another ShutDown plasmoid) kdekda
kdeplasma-addons-applets-takeoff-svn 107-1 kde 5 Takeoff is a full screen menu inspired in the aspect of Slingshot and the OS X Launchpad menu but adapted to the KDE users in a plasmoid. enoop
kdm-theme-generator 0.8-2 kde 5 Generates a kdm theme from your current plasma theme and your current wallpaper. orphan
kicad 5.1.4-1 educational 5 Electronic schematic and printed circuit board (PCB) design tools AlmAck
kobby 1.0b5-1 utils 5 Kobby is a collaborative text editor for KDE. It uses the infinote protocol, making it compatible with other collaborative editors (such as Gobby). UtG
ldraw-parts-library 2014_02-1 lib 5 A collection of LDraw-format CAD files representing many of LEGO bricks produced orphan
lib32-freetype2-git-infinality 2.4.99.git20130110-1 lib32 5 TrueType font rendering library (32-bit) with Infinality patch orphan
libdbusmenu-gtk2 12.10.2-3 gnome 5 Small little library that passes a menu structure across DBus (GTK+ 2 library) orphan
linssid 2.7-1 network 5 A graphical wireless scanner for Linux orphan
lives 2.2.2-1 multimedia 5 A Video Editing System with Jack support. orphan
mari0 1.6-2 games 5 The Mario game with Portal gun mechanics. orphan
mathmod 9.0-1 educational 5 Mathematical modeling software FranzMari
monodevelop devel 5 "An IDE primarily designed for C orphan
moodbar 0.1.2-9 multimedia 5 moodbar binaries and script for Amarok Frosch
mozplugger 2.1.6-1 network 5 A Mozilla & Firefox multimedia plugin. orphan
mtr-cli 0.86-1 network 5 Combines the functionality of traceroute and ping into one tool. (CLI version) george
namebench 1.3-1 network 5 To start, type in the terminal as a normal user orphan
netflix-desktop 0.8.5-7 multimedia 5 An automated script for viewing Netflix through Firefox and patched WINE orphan
nixnote 1.5-1 office 5 A clone of Evernote designed to run on Linux, former Nevernote at-2500
noip 2.1.9-2 daemons 5 Dynamic DNS Client Updater for services george
notepadqq 1.4.8-1 editors 5 Notepad++-like text editor for Linux ericjs
oinkmaster 2.0-1 network 5 A script that will help you update and manage your Snort rules. george
oxygen-transparent-git 20130412-1 kde 5 Oxygen style and decoration with support for transparency Andreazube
pdfviewer 0.7-1 office 5 A simple program for viewing PDF files. vicky91
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