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Package Listing
 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
basqet 0.2.0-1 utils 1 Notes and Data in Baskets. vicky91
batctl 2016.0-1 system 0 B.A.T.M.A.N. advanced control and management tool orphan
batterymon-clone 1.4.2-1 system 0 A simple battery monitor tray icon using acpi orphan
batterysystemtray-git 20120318-1 utils 2 A simple battery monitor in the system tray using UPower, in Qt. george
battle-worlds-kronos 1.0.4-9 games 0 Battle Worlds: Kronos. (This doesn't work via ccr! Read the instructions in the PKGBUILD file!) The return of classic turn-based strategy games like Battle Isle or Panzer General! Breathes new life into the genre using modern technology & detailed graphic orphan
bbswitch-ck 0.8-6 modules 1 kernel module allowing to switch dedicated graphics card on Optimus laptops for linux-ck UtG
bbswitch-pf 0.8-3 modules 0 kernel module allowing to switch dedicated graphics card on Optimus laptops.[kernel-pf] UtG
bchunk 1.2.0-1 utils 1 A Tool to Convert *.raw *.bin files to an ISO file orphan
bcompare3 devel 0 Beyond Compare 3: Compare, sync, and merge files and folders dinolib
bd-git 20130903-1 utils 0 Quickly go back to a specific parent directory in linux instead of typing "cd ../../.." redundantly.. Git version. gcala
bdns 2.0.1-1 network 1 A bind/nsupdate web interface. george
beaker 0.11.3-1 network 1 Open-source software for managing and automating labs of test computers. orphan
beaker-client 0.6.16-2 utils 0 Client tools for beaker job maintenance. orphan
beclock 0.18-1 kde 6 A simple clock, implemented as KWin Effect Inkane
bedup 0.9.0-4 utils 0 Offline deduplication utility for the BTRFS filesystem QuartzDragon
beecrypt 4.2.1-2 lib 1 A strong and fast cryptography toolkit gcala
beediff 1.9-1 utils 1 A program for file comparing. vicky91
beep 1.3-3 system 1 Advanced PC speaker beeping program. electron222
beignet 1.3.0-1 devel 1 An open source OpenCL implementation for Intel IvyBridge+ iGPUs orphan
bekwinfx-git 20130302-1 kde 1 Several 3rd party plugins for the KDE KWin compositor (BE::Clock, BE::Animated, BE::Distorted) alejandronova
beluga-player 0.8-1 network 1 A free and open source Pandora ( player orphan
beshell-git 2015.01.13-1 kde 4 Simple desktop shell using KDE technology (solid and kio) UtG
bespin-svn-kdm-themes 1264-1 kde 4 Bespin/Tibanna ksplash themes orphan
bespin-svn-ksplash-themes 1264-1 x11 3 Bespin/Tibanna ksplash themes orphan
betterdiscord-git 0.2.82.r342.g0ea7990-1 network 0 Discord extension that introduces new features like BTTV emotes and plugin support. Git master branch orphan
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