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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
blas_ccr 3.4.2-1 devel 0 Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms orphan
bleachbit 2.2-1 utils 8 Deletes unneeded files to free disk space and maintain privacy FranzMari
bleachbit-cli 0.9.6-1 utils 1 Deletes unneeded files to free disk space and maintain privacy. CLI version/no GUI. vicky91
blender-plugin-innerworld 0.0.7-1 multimedia 1 A landscape generator plugin for Blender msx
blender-plugin-vectex 0.9-2 multimedia 0 Vectex is a SVG vector texture plugin for Blender msx
blender-svn 49263-1 editors 2 SVN version of Blender (called bf-blender) orphan
blink 0.8.1-1 network 0 A state of the art, easy to use SIP client. You can use it with any SIP provider or its own fully-featured SIP service. UtG
blockcontrol 1.6.12-1 network 2 blockcontrol is designed to do all tasks related to IP block daemons (MoBlock or NFBlock). They check internet traffic based on large lists of IP address ranges in order to protect your privacy. orphan
blockify 3.6.3-2 gnome 1 Mutes Spotify advertisements. FranzMari
blocxx-svn 544-3 lib 0 A cross-platform, general purpose C++ framework for application development. orphan
blt 2.4z-12 utils 0 Adds new commands and widgets to the Tcl interpreter. orphan
blue 1.7.5-2 devel 0 A unique, dynamic programming language with a minimalistic, intuitive syntax universeexplorer
bluefish 2.2.10-1 editors 4 A powerful HTML editor for experienced web designers and programmers FranzMari
bluefish-svn 7384-1 editors 1 SVN version of the programmer's HTML editor written using GTK. CybrixSystems
bluelog 1.1.2-1 network 0 A highly configurable Linux Bluetooth scanner with optional web interface iyanmv
bmon 4.0-1 network 2 Portable bandwidth monitor and rate estimator. FranzMari
bodega-client 0.1-4 kde 0 Library and client applications for the Make Play Live content store.. orphan
boinc 7.14.2-1 utils 1 Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing for desktop dinolib
boinc-svn 25672-1 utils 1 Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing orphan
bombono-dvd 1.2.4-1 multimedia 2 DVD authoring program with nice and clean GUI dinolib
bombtrajectory 0.1-1 utils 1 Visualizes the trajectory of moving elements orphan
bomi-git 0.9.11.r41.g596edcbd-1 multimedia 0 Powerful and easy-to-use GUI multimedia player based on mpv (xmsk git version) ahjolinna
bonnie++ 1.97.3-1 utils 1 Based on the Bonnie hard drive benchmark by Tim Bray teo_icks
boo utils 0 A wrist friendly language for the CLI orphan
bookmanager-git 20121006-1 kde 2 A simple E-book manager and viewer. vicky91
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