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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
aether 1.2.3-1 network 1 Aether is a distributed network that creates forum–like, anonymous and encrypted public spaces for its constituents. orphan
af9015-firmware modules 2 Firmware for Afatech af9015 based USB dvb devices orphan
afflib 3.7.0-1 lib 1 An extensible, open format for the storage of disk images and related forensic information. george
afick 2.20-1 utils 1 Alternative to tripwire. george
afpfs-ng 0.8.1-2 utils 0 A client for the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) iyanmv
afraid-dyndns 1.1-1 network 1 A dynamic DNS client for the free service, written in Perl. george
agave 0.4.7-1 gnome 1 colorscheme designer for the GNOME desktop orphan
agedu 20141026-1 system 1 Track down wasted disk space tiemay
aget 0.4.1-1 network 0 Simple multithreaded command line downloader. dinolib
ahjolinna-chakra-conf-build 0.6.4-1 system 0 my personal conf using preload, nvidia & radeon conf is optional ahjolinna
ahjolinna-conky-conf 0.3-3 x11 1 this is my personal conky conf ahjolinna
aic94xx-firmware 30-9 modules 0 Adaptec SAS 44300, 48300, 58300 Sequencer Firmware for AIC94xx driver orphan
aide 0.15.1-2 utils 1 A file integrity checker and intrusion detection program. george
aironux 1.7-1 multimedia 1 Search and listen or download music orphan
airoscript-ng 1.2rc3-7 network 1 A gui mainly for aircrack-ng. Automates cracking of WEP and WPA orphan
akonadi-calendars 0.2.2-1 kde 2 A calendar plasmoid for displaying events from selected Akonadi resources. vicky91
akonadi-facebook-git 20130209-1 kde 4 An Akonadi resource for Facebook Resource vicky91
akonadi-vkontakte-git 20121026-1 kde 4 Makes contacts, notes and messages from social network available in KDE. vicky91
albiononline 20160730075025-1 games 0 The first true cross-platform Sandbox MMO -- launcher client ahjolinna
albiononline-game-data-bin lib 0 The first true cross-platform Sandbox MMO -- game data files for live server ahjolinna
alephone 1.2.1_20150620-1 games 0 A free, enhanced port of the classic FPS "Marathon 2" by Bungie Software orphan
alephone-eternalx 1.1.0b4-1 games 0 A free scenario for Aleph One that continues the story of the Marathon trilogy orphan
alephone-evil 1.0-2 games 0 A radical new scenario for the AlephOne engine orphan
alephone-infinity 20150620-1 games 0 Marathon Infinity scenario data files for Aleph One orphan
alephone-marathon 20150620-1 games 0 Marathon 1 scenario data files for Aleph One orphan
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