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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
wps-office office 9 Kingsoft Office (WPS Office) is an office productivity suite bobby285271
younited 2.2.10-1 network 9 We like what Dropbox and SkyDrive do but where is the privacy and fun? younited by F-Secure provides secure, easy and fun cloud storage. msx
aegisub 3.2.2-1 multimedia 8 A general-purpose subtitle editor with ASS/SSA support UtG
appmenu-gtk 12.10.3daily13.04.03-4 gnome 8 Adds appmenu support for GTK+ apps carlcarl
audacious 4.0-1 multimedia 8 Lightweight, advanced audio player (with qt5 interface) FranzMari
awesome 4.1-1 x11 8 Highly configurable framework window manager Ram-Z
bleachbit 2.2-1 utils 8 Deletes unneeded files to free disk space and maintain privacy FranzMari
codeblocks 16.01-10 editors 8 Cross-platform C/C++ IDE orphan
firefox-oxygen-kde 4.0_b3-1 kde 8 Complete add-on/theme bringing the Oxygen style for Firefox. Vellerofonte
insync 1.3.12-1 network 8 An unofficial Google Drive client that runs on Linux, with support for various desktops KsenZ
kdeplasma-addons-applets-rosalauncher 2.0.0-4 kde 8 ROSA launcher menu, this is kde4 menu with simpleWelcome and nepomuk-timeline. Developed by Mandriva. enoop
kpartsplugin 20120723-1 kde 8 This plugin uses KDE's KParts to embed file viewers into non-KDE browsers FranzMari
localepurge 0.7.3-1 utils 8 Script to remove disk space wasted for unneeded localizations. msx
nitrux-icon-theme 3.5.0-1 kde 8 This is the KDE version of the Nitrux OS Icons. orphan
phoronix-test-suite 6.2.2-1 utils 8 The most comprehensive testing and benchmarking platform available for Linux orphan
plasma-wallpaper-dreamdesktop 0.3.0-2 system 8 An innovative animated desktop wallpaper for KDE pico89
puddletag 1.1.1-1 multimedia 8 A tag editor for GNU/Linux dinolib
snort network 8 A lightweight network intrusion detection system. george
texlive-publishers 2014.34878-1 office 8 TeX Live - LaTeX classes and packages for specific publishers UtG
unigine-heaven 4.0-1 multimedia 8 Unigine Benchmark orphan
urbanterror 4.3.4-1 games 8 A team-based tactical shooter based on the Quake 3 Engine (server included) AlmAck
viber network 8 Proprietary cross-platform IM and VoIP software orphan
atom-editor 1.10.2-1 editors 7 Chrome-based text editor from Github orphan
aur2ccr 2.0.3-1 utils 7 A helper script for porting packages from Arch to Chakra. george
clamscan 2.5.7-2 kde 7 A short script to scan files or directories with ClamAV. FranzMari
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