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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
vulkan-caps-viewer 1.1-2 utils 1 Vulkan Hardware Capability Viewer dinolib
vuze 5.5.0-1 network 2 One of the most powerful bitTorrent client with GUI, written in Java. orphan
vvvvvv-hib 2.01-1 games 0 A retro styled 2D platformer orphan
vym-git 20110914-1 office 3 A mindmapping tool - developement version from git orphan
wakingmars-hib 1.1-1 games 0 Explore Mars in this 2D sidescrolling adventure game (Humble Bundle version) orphan
wally 2.4.5-1 x11 1 A Qt4 wallpaper changer for the major DEs using online image libraries FranzMari
warmux 11.04.1-1 games 3 An open source clone of the Worms™ with the mascots of Unix. orphan
warmux-svn 9251-1 games 0 Clone of Worms™ with Free Software pets. orphan
warzone2100-dev master_20110705-1 games 5 3D real-time strategy game where you fight to rebuilt the world destroyed by nuclear war. UtG
warzone2100-git 20110125-1 games 1 3D real-time strategy game where you fight to rebuilt the world destroyed by nuclear war. orphan
waspmote-pro-api 004-3 devel 0 Waspmote PRO API yoalieh
waspmote-pro-ide 03-4 devel 0 Waspmote IDE (includes patched avrdude and librxtx) yoalieh
waspmote-pro-libraries 004-1 devel 0 Waspmote PRO API Libraries yoalieh
watchman 4.7.0-0 devel 0 An inotify-based file watching and job triggering command line utility orphan
waterfox-kde-bin 54.0-2 network 1 KDE Plasma Edition of the free, open and private browser, integrate better with KDE. orphan
wavemon 0.7.6-2 network 0 Ncurses-based monitoring application for wireless network devices dmnmsc
wd719x-firmware 1996.03-1 system 0 Driver for Western Digital WD7193, WD7197 and WD7296 SCSI cards orphan
weather 4.5-1 x11 0 Precipitation forecast - Rain,Snow,Sleet,Hail orphan
webaccounts 0+git20141016.61f1792-1 kde 0 Connect to your social accounts and access your contacts, email, calendar and files from within KDE. orphan
webcamoid 8.7.0-1 multimedia 5 Webcamoid is a full featured webcam capture application. FranzMari
webcamstudio 0.56-2 multimedia 1 WebcamStudio helps you create a virtual webcam that can show your desktop, overlays, effects, and more. orphan
webkam 0.3.2-2 multimedia 2 A simple webcam application orphan
webkit-sharp 0.3-4 lib 2 Mono/.NET bindings for the WebKit rendering engine orphan
webkit2gtk 2.16.3-1 gnome 2 GTK+ Web content engine library omarmalave
webkitgtk 2.2.5-1 lib 0 GTK+ Web content engine library bulletfreak
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