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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
webkitgtk2 2.4.11-16 none 0 Legacy Web content engine for GTK+ 2 orphan
webkitgtk3 2.4.9-1 lib 0 GTK+ Web content engine library Archer
webmin 1.941-1 network 4 A web-based administration interface for Unix systems facundo_adorno
webmin-plugin-nginx 0.05b-1 network 1 Justin Hoffman's Nginx plugin for Webmin. george
webogram-git 20171209-1 network 0 Web-based Telegram client chelqo
weboob 0.f-1 network 4 Web Out Of Browsers provides several applications to interact with a lot of websites. vicky91
webrender 1.0RC-1 network 1 WebRender is very simple, fast web browser based on Qt and WebKit orphan
webtorrent-desktop 0.20.0-1 network 2 Streaming torrent client. FranzMari
weechat 1.6-1 network 6 Fast, light and extensible IRC client (curses UI) Ram-Z
weka 3.7.10-1 educational 0 A collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks Ram-Z
weplab 0.1.5-1 network 1 A WEP encryption cracker. george
wercker-cli 1.0.643-1 utils 0 The Wercker CLI can be used to execute pipelines locally for both local development and easy introspection orphan
wesnoth-dev 1.11.10-1 games 3 A turn-based strategy game on a fantasy world. Gallaecio
wesnoth-svn 55350-1 games 0 The latest version of a turn-based strategy game on a fantasy world. orphan
weston 1.7.0-1 devel 1 Reference implementation of a Wayland compositor QuartzDragon
whatis-git 0.0.1.r2.g4e1a66a-3 utils 0 Get wiki or urband dict definitions orphan
whatweb 0.4.7-1 network 1 Next generation web scanner that identifies what websites are running tiemay
when 1.1.30-1 utils 0 A simple commandline personal calendar program bra10n
whenjobs 0.7.3-1 daemons 0 Whenjobs is a powerful but simple cron replacement. orphan
wicd-eduroam 1-1 network 1 Wicd-eduroam orphan
widelands 18-5 games 0 A realtime strategy game with emphasis on economy and transport. orphan
widelands-bzr 20110715-1 games 0 A realtime strategy game with emphasis on economy and transport. (Bazaar version) orphan
wifi-select 0.9-1 network 2 Tool for selecting wifi networks in console. orphan
wifiguard 1.0.5-1 network 0 an essential tool for everyone running a small WiFi network and striving to keep it secure dmnmsc
wifite-git 138.edbdedd-1 network 0 A tool to attack multiple WEP and WPA encrypted networks at the same time KsenZ
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