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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
wineasio-git 20120721-1 multimedia 0 Steinberg ASIO driver implementation for Wine orphan
wineqq 20121221-1 network 1 wine version of QQ client,made by Longene Team. sai1933
winetm 20120719-1 network 0 wine version of TM client,made by Longene Team orphan
wingide 5.0.7-1 editors 1 Wing IDE Professional is the full-featured Python IDE for professional programmers. zhyu
winusb 1.0.11-5 system 4 Simple tool to create a usb stick installer for Windows (Vista and above) bulletfreak
wipe 2.3.1-2 utils 1 Secure file wiping utility dartfira
wippien 2.5.1-1 network 0 Establish direct P2P (peer to peer) VPN between each jabber-contact orphan
wire-desktop 3.0.2816-1 network 0 Modern, private messenger. Based on Electron. James_Che
wiredtiger 2.7.0-1 utils 0 High performance, scalable, production quality, NoSQL, Open Source extensible platform for data management gcala
wireshark-svn 34896-2 network 5 A free network protocol analyzer for Unix/Linux. SVN version UtG
wit-svn 3069-1 utils 2 Wiimms ISO Tools is a set of command line tools to manipulate Wii ISO images and WBFS containers. orphan
wiznote 1.5.16-2 office 2 Opensource Cross platform cloud note-taking application orphan
wiznote-git v2.1.0.beta.132.g3756887-1 office 1 Opensource cross-platform cloud based note-taking client. crose
wkhtmltopdf 0.12.3-1 utils 0 Command line tools to render HTML into PDF and various image formats orphan
wlandecrypter 1.3.2-1 network 4 Program to very fast recovering WEP keys of Telefonica (Spain) routers orphan
wmctrl 1.07-2 utils 0 Control your EWMH compliant window manager from command line FranzMari
wmsystemtray 1.4-1 utils 0 system tray designed as a Window Maker dockapp dinolib
wol 0.7.1-1 network 1 Wake On LAN functionality in a small program. It wakes up hardware that is Magic Packet compliant Ram-Z
wol-systemd 0.1-1 network 0 A systemd unit file for enabling Wake-On-LAN automatically orphan
wolf 1.41b-5 games 0 Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a single and multiplayer first person shooter. You need the retail game files to play. orphan
wondershaper-git 20130114-1 network 1 network adapter bandwidth limiter dinolib
woof 20120531-1 none 0 An ad-hoc single file webserver; Web Offer One File orphan
wordnet 3.1-1 office 0 An Electronic Lexical Database from Princeton University FranzMari
worldofpadman 1.6-1 games 0 Cartoon-style multiplayer first-person shooter orphan
wpa_supplicant_gui 0.7.3-1 network 1 A Qt frontend to wpa_supplicant nodevel
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