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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
xmlsec-gost-git 20130329-1 utils 0 XMLSEC git version with GOST algorithms enabled peaveyman
xmobar 0.16-1 utils 0 A Minimalistic Text Based Status Bar orphan
xmonad 0.10-4 x11 4 A lightweight X11 tiled window manager written in Haskell orphan
xmonad-contrib 0.10-2 x11 3 Add-ons for xmonad orphan
xmpppy 0.5.0_rc1-1 lib 1 A Python library to provide easy scripting with Jabber orphan
xmradio-git 20120630-1 multimedia 0 Xia Mi Radio orphan
xnconvert 1.74-1 multimedia 1 A cross-platform batch image-converter and resizer with a powerful and ease of use experience. orphan
xnviewmp 0.93.1-1 multimedia 1 An efficient multimedia viewer, browser and converter. FranzMari
xonotic-git 20110125-1 games 1 A free, fast-paced crossplatform first-person shooter orphan
xorg-fonts-type1 7.4-1 x11 1 Type1 fonts orphan
xorg-grandr-git grandr.0.1.5.g2aa67e3-1 x11 0 Provides a friendly interface to monitor configuration and includes controls for video mode, rotation and monitor position. bulletfreak
xorg-smproxy 1.0.5-1 x11 0 Allows X applications that do not support X11R6 session management to participate in an X11R6 session QuartzDragon
xorg-xmessage 1.0.4-1 lib 0 Display a message or query in a window msx
xorg-xprop 1.2.3-1 none 0 Property displayer for X orphan
xorg-xvidtune 1.0.2-1 x11 2 Video mode tuner for Xorg orphan
xorg-xvinfo 1.1.3-2 none 0 Prints out the capabilities of any video adaptors associated with the display that are accessible through the X-Video extension orphan
xournal 0.4.8-1 editors 2 Notetaking and sketching application orphan
xpad 4.8.0-1 gnome 0 Xpad is a sticky note application for jotting down things to remember. orphan
xpat2 1.07-2 games 0 A generic patience game which can be used with different rule sets. gcala
xperia-flashtool utils 0 A S1 protocol flashing software for Sony Xperia phones orphan
xperia-theme-creator 1.1.1-1 editors 1 With this Theme Creator tool from Sony you can design professional-looking themes for Xperia smartphones and tablets. orphan
xprobe2 0.3-1 network 1 An active OS fingerprinting tool using ICMP. george
xsane 0.999-2 x11 3 A GTK-based X11 frontend for SANE chelqo
xt7-player 3.4.4-1 multimedia 2 Aims to be an 'almost complete' but usable mplayer gui vicky91
xtrabackup 2.0.3-1 system 2 A MySQL non-blocking backup solution for InnoDB and XtraDB (Percona Server) data. carlcarl
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