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Package Listing
 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
zsh-completions-git system 0 Additional completion definitions for Zsh Ram-Z
zsh-lovers 0.8.3-1 system 1 A collection of tips, tricks and examples for the Z shell. msx
zsh-syntax-highlighting 0.2.0-1 system 1 Fish shell like syntax highlighting for Zsh. Ram-Z
zshdb 0.08-1 system 1 A debugger for zsh scripts. msx
zsnes-1-42 1-1 games 0 Super Nintendo emulator orphan
zsnes-netplay 1.42n-3 games 0 Super Nintendo emulator (latest version supporting netplay) orphan
zsxd 1.11.0-1 games 2 Free and opensource, amateur Zelda game with humoristic characters FranzMari
zsync 0.6.2-1 network 0 A file transfer program that's able to connect to rsync servers orphan
zulucrypt 5.1.0-1 system 6 A cli and gui frontend to cryptsetup. Pyrdracon
zzoxx-hg 33-1 games 0 Web-based roguelike game. orphan
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