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 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
lib32-sni-qt 0.2.6-3 lib32 0 Qt4 plugin which turns all QSystemTrayIcon into StatusNotifierItems (appindicators) FranzMari
lib32-soundtouch 1.6.0-1 lib32 1 An audio processing library (32 bit) orphan
lib32-tcp_wrappers 7.6-1 lib32 0 libwrap for 32-bit systems; Monitors and Controls incoming TCP connections orphan
lib32-udisks2 2.0.1-1 lib32 0 Disk Management Service, version 2 (32 bit) orphan
lib32-wxgtk lib32 1 GTK+ implementation of wxWidgets API for GUI. dinolib
libecwj2 3.3-3 lib32 0 Library for both the ECW and the ISO JPEG 2000 image file formats nugh1975
wine-dev-staging 1.9.17-1 lib32 0 wine dev branch with staging patches ahjolinna
wine-gaming-nine 1.9.22-1 lib32 2 Based off wine-staging, including the gallium-nine patches and some more hacks orphan
wine-staging 2.16-1 lib32 1 A compatibility layer for running Windows programs - Staging branch orphan
wine-staging-git atest.release.r0.g034992d+wine.1 lib32 0 A compatibility layer for running Windows programs (staging branch, Git version) ahjolinna
a2ps 4.14-4 utils 1 a2ps is an Any to PostScript filter Pyrdracon
aacgain-cvs 20130814-3 utils 0 Adjusts the volume of music files (mp4/m4a/QT/mp3) using ReplayGain algorithm. orphan
abs 2.4.4-1 utils 0 Utilities to download and work with the Arch Build System (ABS) orphan
acct 6.6.4-1 utils 1 The GNU Accounting Utilities provide login and process accounting utilities for GNU/Linux and other systems. FranzMari
adb android.5.0.2.r1.1-1 utils 6 adb (Android Debug Bridge CLI tool), an Android platform tool eyome
advancecomp 1.18-1 utils 2 Recompression utilities for .zip .png .mng and .gz files using the 7-zip agorithm. george
afick 2.20-1 utils 1 Alternative to tripwire. george
afpfs-ng 0.8.1-2 utils 0 A client for the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) iyanmv
aide 0.15.1-2 utils 1 A file integrity checker and intrusion detection program. george
alexandra 1.5.0-1 utils 1 a simple and comfortable program for video library organization and management FranzMari
alienfx-lite 0.4b-1 utils 1 A simple cross-platform Java applet that interacts with the AlienFX device on Alienware laptops and computers. george
allegro4 4.4.2-3 utils 0 Portable library mainly aimed at video game and multimedia programming (legacy version) orphan
amdoverdrivectrl 1.2.4-1 utils 0 Tool for controling the frequency and fan settings of AMD/ATI video cards. orphan
analyzemft 1.7-2 utils 1 Fully parse the MFT file from an NTFS filesystem and present the results as accurately as possible in a format that allows further analysis with other tools. george
android-apktool 2.1.1-1 utils 0 a tool for reengineering Android apk files AlmAck
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