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Package Listing
 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
qtxlsx 0.3-1 devel 1 Qt Module to read/write xlsx files wiglot
canon-pixma-mg5200-complete 3.40-1 system 0 Complete stand alone driver set (printing and scanning) for Canon Pixma MG5200 series (MG5250 etc.) whoami
clementine-qt5-git 1.2.3.r1376.gc5ff9ed-1 multimedia 0 Experimental Qt5 version of Clementine, a modern music player and library organiser. whoami
dkms-rts_bpp 1.1-1 modules 0 A kernel module for Realtek Card Reader RTL8411 Device 5289, dkms version whoami
epson-inkjet-printer-201108w 1.0.0-1 system 0 Epson printer driver (ME Office 535 / Stylus NX230, SX230, SX235W, TX230W, TX235, TX235W) whoami
epson-inkjet-printer-201211w 1.0.0-1 utils 0 Epson printer driver (WF-2010, WF-2510, WF-2520, WF-2530, WF-2540) whoami
f2fs-tools-git system 0 Tools for Flash-Friendly File System (F2FS) whoami
hplip-plugin 3.16.7-1 system 4 Binary plugin for HPs hplip printer driver library whoami
mediatomb 0.12.1-3 multimedia 1 Free UPnP/DLNA media server whoami
ttf-computer-modern-fonts 1-3 none 1 Computer Modern in TTF (deprecated) warbringer24
nheko 0.4.2-1 network 0 Desktop client for the Matrix protocol vulptex
princexml 11.4-1 utils 0 Convert HTML documents to PDF with CSS vulptex
quaternion 0.0.9-1 network 0 Qt5-based IM client for the Matrix protocol vulptex
antu-icons 3-1 kde 1 A Flat and beautiful icon theme for KDE Plasma 5. vmorenomarin
antu-theme 1.4-3 kde 1 An elegant and minimalistic theme for KDE Plasma vmorenomarin
guitarpro-6 11686-2 multimedia 0 A popular tablature editor software for guitar, bass, and many other instruments. vmorenomarin
itranslate 0.1.1-5 utils 4 iTranslate: Instant Translate, select short text, press a previously assigned shortcut and see the translation on a notification. vmorenomarin
imule network 0 Anonymous P2P file sharing software vixxovs
r5u87x-hg 64-5 system 0 Userspace module for Ricoh R5U870 OEM cameras. vixxovs
abakus-git 20121027-1 kde 2 A simple, keyboard-driven calculator vicky91
akonadi-calendars 0.2.2-1 kde 2 A calendar plasmoid for displaying events from selected Akonadi resources. vicky91
akonadi-facebook-git 20130209-1 kde 4 An Akonadi resource for Facebook Resource vicky91
akonadi-vkontakte-git 20121026-1 kde 4 Makes contacts, notes and messages from social network available in KDE. vicky91
apricots 0.2.6-5 games 1 A simple 2D flying/bombing game similar to basic side scrollers vicky91
artikulate-git 20130226-1 kde 1 Listen to your own pronunciation and compare it native speakers. vicky91
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